JNLR 2013_2 Radio Listening

The latest JNLR release for the twelve months to June 2013 show that radio, in the main, is still in a very healthy position. It reaches over three million people every day which is equivalent to 84% of the population. This is down 1% or 44,000 on the same twelve months to June 2012.

The figure of “National Radio” stands at 45% reach or 1,619,000 adults but this is a fall of two points or 80,000 listeners in the last twelve months. Local regional stations still outshine the nationals reaching 58% of the population or just over two million listeners.  

radio reach2 13 2

Looking at radio reach across the day it shows that it’s dominated by a morning audience peaking at nearly 1.4m listeners and then trailing off after lunch and again, more significantly, after the evening commute.

13 2 Radio Hours


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