JNLR 2013_1 Top 30 Programmes

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The top listened to programmes show some big moves from the same period as last year last. This time round Breakfast with Hector nudged into #29 slot and Newstalk’s Breakfast have to give way to it.

Morning Ireland is still the most listened programme on the airwaves reaching 433,000 people every day. Joe Duffy is now breathing down their necks only 19,000 behind at 424,000 and News at One draws 369,000 every day. But the big changes were in the RTE1 weekend slots. Marion Finucane’s Sunday show lost 73,000 listeners over the year and moved that programme from #4 to #9. That’s a hefty 20% over twelve months. Similarly her Saturday show dropped 27,000 (-7%) to 358,000.

Actually all of the big fallers were the Saturday and Sunday morning shows on RTE1. Miriam Meets dropped 38,000 (-13%) to 249,000 and Sunday Miscellany is down 11% to 228,000.  

Having said that, RTE dominates the table having twenty programmes in the thirty.          

TimeProgrammeStation2013_12012_1‘+/-% +/-
07.00-09.00Morning IrelandRTE1443449-6-1%
13.00-13.45News at OneRTE1369350195%
11.00-13.00Marian FinucaneRTE1 w/e Sat358385-27-7%
09.00-10.00John MurrayRTE1327334-7-2%
10.00-12.00Today With Pat KennyRTE1325333-8-2%
10.00-11.00The BusinessRTE1 w/e Sat320344-24-7%
09.00-10.00PlaybackRTE1 w/e Sat304315-11-3%
11.00-13.00Marian FinucaneRTE1 w/e Sun291364-73-20%
10.00-11.00Miriam MeetsRTE1 w/e Sun249287-38-13%
09.00-12.00The Ray D’Arcy ShowTODAY243249-6-2%
09.00-10.00Sunday MiscellanyRTE1 w/e Sun228256-28-11%
08.00-09.00CountrywideRTE1 w/e Sat216223-7-3%
12.00-13.00Ronan CollinsRTE1214223-9-4%
13.00-14.00Claire ByrneRTE1 w/e Sat190228-38-17%
13.00-14.00This WeekRTE1 w/e Sun187204-17-8%
07.00-09.00 Ian Dempsey Breakfast ShowTODAY175183-8-4%
16.30-19.00 Last Word with Matt CooperTODAY156166-10-6%
08.00-09.00World Report RTE1 w/e Sun155165-10-6%
11.00-14.00Phil CawleyToday w/e Sat15214843%
12.00-14.30The Ray Foley ShowTODAY144151-7-5%
11.00-13.00Colm Hayes2FM136141-5-4%
14.00-18.00Sunday SportRTE1 w/e Sun136165-29-18%
14.00-18.00Premier League LiveToday w/e Sat133135-2-1%
16.30-19.00The Right HookNewstalk13213022%
07.00-09.00Breakfast With Hector2FM12812265%
14.30-18.00Sport RTE1 w/e Sat127141-14-10%

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