JNLR 2012-3 Top 30 Programmes

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There is always a big analysis (outside these four walls) on the individual programmes in the schedule and who’s doing what. The analysis is based on absolute numbers and, therefore, the comparison to last year might be thrown due to the change in the universe. In each analysis it comes down to who has the bragging rights – and that would be Morning Ireland which reaches 441,000 people every morning (or 12% or the population).

Only 10,000 behind and closing rapidly is Joe Duffy on 431,000, up 33,000 listeners on the previous twelve months. The only other surprises in the list would be Marian Finucane Sunday show falling from #3 to #6 and down 10,000. It’s not the sharpest of falls, it’s just that the other programs above #6 have done better in the 12 months. Her Saturday show is up a massive 53,000 – so as a ‘package’ of Saturday and Sunday she’s delivering a serious audience.  

The figures are all there – so you can pour over them as you wish. My final thought: In spite the dominance of a nationally funded station, it’s nice to see that the second highest gain in listeners is Ian Dempsey.

Finally, I can’t stress enough that the comparison here are the twelve months to 2012Q3 compared to the twelve months 2011Q3. The ‘conventional’ radio comparison would be the twelve months to 2012Q3 compared to the twelve months to 2012Q2. So in the nationals on Friday you’re guaranteed to see the same 2012Q3 but the advance/declines will be different.       

Programmes  12  (Q3)11 (Q3)+/-#12#11StationTime
Morning Ireland441454-1311RTE107.00-09.00
Marian Finucane – Sat3883355333RTE111.00-13.00
News at One3663343245RTE113.00-13.45
The Business – Sat3433133058RTE110.00-11.00
Marian Finucane  – Sun325335-1063RTE111.00-13.00
Today With Pat Kenny321327-677RTE110.00-12.00
John Murray318330-1286RTE109.00-10.00
Playback – Sat3102931799RTE109.00-10.00
Miriam Meets-  Sun267255121010RTE110.00-11.00
Sunday Miscellany – Sun252221311215RTE109.00-10.00
The Ray D’Arcy Show249228211313TodayFM09.00-12.00
Countrywide – Sat220201191517RTE108.00-09.00
Ronan Collins210232-221612RTE112.00-13.00
Saturday with Claire Byrne – Sat20820081718RTE113.00-14.00
The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show189153361823TodayFM07.00-09.00
This Week – Sun187208-211916RTE113.00-14.00
The Last Word with Matt Cooper170154162122TodayFM16.30-19.00
Phil Cawley – Sat166155112221TOD Sat11.00-14.00
World Report – Sun15614972324RTE108.00-09.00
The Ray Foley Show153141122426TodayFM12.00-14.30
Sunday Sport – Sun144148-42525RTE114.00-18.00
Breakfast With Hector1381251326292FM07.00-09.00
Colm Hayes137135227272FM11.00-13.00
Premier League Live – Sat13613152828TodayFM14.00-18.00
The Right Hook136121152932Newstalk16.30-19.00
Breakfast -NewsTalk 133115183033Newstalk07.00-10.00

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