JNLR 2012-3 National Radio Stations

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A slight word of caution before looking at these figures. In comparing this year to last, it has to be remembered that the sample size of the survey increased to reflect our changing population. In the 2011-3 survey, the estimated universe was 3.511m whereas the estimated universe in the latest survey (2012-3) is 3.608m and extra 97,000 listening people.

This has a tendency to slightly confuse the comparisons at times. Stations may have the same number of listeners, in volume terms, but could have declined in their percentage reach– all simple mathematics.


Any Radio85%84%85%87%1%-2%
Any National47%46%46%51%1%-4%
Any RTE Radio35%35%36%39%0%-4%
Any RTE1/2FM/Lyric35%34%36%39%1%-4%
RTE Radio 124%25%24%26%-1%-2%
RTE 2FM11%11%14%16%0%-5%
RTE Lyric FM3%3%3%3%0%0%
Today FM14%13%13%15%1%-1%
Any Region/Local/M-City58%58%58%57%0%1%
Home Local Station44%45%45%47%-1%-3%
Other Regional/Local Station7%7%8%8%0%-1%

The National radio picture is still very healthy with 85% of the population listening to radio on a daily (weekday 7am to 7pm) up marginally on the previous year.  Over the intervening 12 months, very little has happened with only small fluctuations in listenership on the national stage.  RTE Radio one declined by 1% and Today FM gained one point and the rest of the stations manage to stay static.

Nat reach 2102 3

Looking at this from a long term view the trajectory does seem downward, with all the national stations declining bar one, Lyric FM.  The national broadcasters other two stations fell over the four years – RTE1 by 2% and 2FM by 5%. Today FM was the only other faller in that period.  
Even taking into account the shifting goalposts of the estimated universe the figures below are the actual number of listeners for each station.

Any Radio305229633011306789-15
Any National168116201634180261-121
Any RTE Radio126012241267139336-133
Any RTE1/2FM/Lyric124812051256137643-128
RTE Radio 18798788489011-22
RTE 2FM41039647654914-139
RTE Lyric FM12411811111866
Today FM49344646053347-40
Any Region/Local/M-City20982036204420226276
Home Local Station160515721599164433-39
Other Regional/Local Station25323827326915-16


It really highlights the decline in the numbers tuning into 2FM on a daily basis.   

Nat share 2012 3

Again the market shares are an interesting take on listenership and plot nicely the  mixed fortunes of the various stations over thirteen surveys.                    

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