JNLR 2012-3 National Programs Listnership

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The overall figures for any station will only reflect the individual programmes they broadcast. Throughout the day stations will have different audience levels depending on what the population is doing and for some stations what the competition is at.

As you can see for the chart below that looks at all adults listening to all radio, its ramps up very rapidly in the morning and then tails off as the day drifts by. 

Radio day

Without going into a super analysis of each quarter hour segment, I’ll highlight the program slots for each of the four main National radio stations and sincere apologies to Lyric as time caught up here.  If I get a chance to look at this retrospectively, I will.  



2012 ‘0002012%2011 ‘0002011%+/- ‘000
07.00-09.00Morning Ireland44112%45413%-13
09.00-10.00 John Murray3189%3309%-12
10.00-12.00 Today With Pat Kenny3219%3279%-6
12.00-13.00 Ronan Collins2106%2327%-22
13.00-13.45 News at One36610%33410%32
13.45-15.00 Liveline43112%39811%33
15.00-16.30 Mooney2346%2276%7
16.30-19.00 Drivetime2667%2387%28
19.00-19.30 Sport At 7311%281%3


R1 Q 2012 3



12 ‘00012 %11 ‘00011 %+/- ‘000
07.00-09.00Breakfast With Hector1384%1254%13
11.00-13.00Colm Hayes1374%1354%2
13.00-14.00Larry Gogan’s Golden Hour862%852%1
14.00-16.30Rick in the Afternoon1253%1133%12
16.30-19.00More Music Drive With Will Leahy1233%1013%22


2FM Q 2012 3


Today FM

Today FMProgramme
12 ‘00012%11 ‘00011%+/- ‘000
07.00-09.00The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show1895%1534%36
09.00-12.00The Ray D’Arcy Show2497%2287%21
12.00-14.30The Ray Foley Show1534%1414%12
14.30-16.30Tony Fenton1173%1113%6
16.30-19.00The Last Word with Matt Cooper1705%1544%16


tod Q 2012 3



12 ‘00012%11 ‘00011%+/- ‘000
07.00-10.00Breakfast 1334%1153%18
10.00-12.00Tom Dunne511%552%-4
16.30-19.00The Right Hook1364%1213%15
19.00-22.00Off the Ball461%441%2


News Q 2012 3


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