JNLR 2012-2 Radio Programmes Listeners

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Looking now at the individual radio programmes. With the change in the universes between the two annual surveys it makes the absolute figures a little bit redundant. One could rebase one of the years so that a status quo is maintained to a degree – but it’s not the “done thing” in survey reporting. This year the universe increased by 2.76%, so in order to ‘stand still’ you should be (theoretically) increasing by that in absolute numbers. The % column is the absolute change in reach which is, in this case, the constant in both surveys.

For example, Pat Kenny has increased his audience by 1,000 year on year – but his reach has decreased by 1/4 % over the year. If you applied this years’ reach onto last year’s universe, to try and etch out a constant, then you would find that his listeners have decreased by 8,000 – showing the anomalies thrown up by the change in universe.

Having glanced off Fermat’s Last Theorem, let’s look at this year’s data. It’s only the average Daily listeners and it based on twelve months to June 2012 verses twelve months to June 2011.

Its shows that Morning Ireland is still the most popular radio programme by far reaching 444,000 listeners. Its followed by Joe Duffy who is gradually catching up in Morning Ireland. The only two programmes to get a look-in to the top ten that are not from the RTE1 stable are The Ian Dempsey’s Breakfast Show and The Ray D’Arcy Show. Admittedly, if we were to add in the weekend schedules they would most likely be bumped out of the top ten.

There’s really very little else to ass bar having a look at the figures:

  #2012/2 2011/2‘000%
Morning IrelandRTE1144412.31%46013.10%-16-0.80%
John MurrayRTE153279.06%3289.34%-1-0.28%
Pat KennyRTE143289.09%3279.31%1-0.22%
Ronan CollinsRTE192226.15%2386.78%-16-0.63%
News @ 1RTE133579.89%3429.74%150.15%
Joe DuffyRTE1242811.86%40011.39%280.47%
Drivetime RTE162597.18%2456.98%140.20%
Damian Farrelly2FM2590.25%80.23%10.02%
Hector Ó hEochagáin2FM161303.60%1303.70%0-0.10%
Colm Hayes2FM141413.91%1333.79%80.12%
Larry Gogan2FM22892.47%782.22%110.25%
Rick O’Shea2FM191233.41%1143.25%90.16%
Will Leahy2FM201193.30%1042.96%150.34%
Ian Dempsey BreakfastToday FM101895.24%1524.33%370.91%
The Ray D’Arcy ShowToday FM72557.07%2126.04%431.03%
Ray FoleyToday FM131534.24%1454.13%80.11%
Tony FentonToday FM181283.55%1103.13%180.41%
The Last WordToday FM121744.82%1554.41%190.41%
Tom DunneNewstalk24491.36%541.54%-5-0.18%
The Right HookNewstalk161303.60%1193.39%110.21%


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