JNLR 2011-3 Dublin Listenership

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Still dominating the capital is the National broadcaster RTE1 having pulled back 3% points on the same period last year.

2FM dipping into single digits in Dublin has to be worrying (again). Perhaps Montrose would allow the newly appointed Commercial Director, Willie O’Reilly, to look at 2FM for a week or two and come up with a plan.

It strikes me that there is none currently and that the station is bouncing around from one bad survey to yet another. Maybe the time Willie spent at a truly commercial station might be a source of some inspiration for the ailing 2FM. They have gone from 13% (123,000) to 8% (81,000) in just two years – a 34% drop in listeners.

98FM and 2FM look as if they had to give way to Nova, who entered this period with 5% listenership in the capital. It’s a fairly spectacular entrance it has to be said and has to be applauded. The downside to this is that the station is prone to fairly gushing prints ads on the back of any of their ‘successes’ – but I suppose they have the bragging rights in this one.

Newstalk gained a bit of ground it has otherwise lost in the previous comparable survey. They added 20,000 listeners with the time slot of lunch until five making all the improvements.

Dublin Listenership Q3 – %2011    2010200911/1011/09
Any Radio85%85%86%0%-1%
Any Region/Local/M-City53%51%49%2%4%
Any National48%46%51%2%-3%
Any RTE Radio37%37%40%0%-3%
Any RTE1/2FM/Lyric37%37%40%0%-3%
RTE Radio 131%28%30%3%1%
Spin 103814%14%14%0%0%
Today FM10%9%10%1%0%
RTE 2FM8%10%13%-2%-5%
RTEL Lyric FM6%5%5%1%1%
Radio Nova 100FM5%5%5%
Phantom 105.2FM3%2%3%1%0%
Sunshine 106.8FM3%3%4%0%-1%
Dublin Listenership Q3 – ‘0002011    2010200911/1011/09
Any Radio818830846-12-28
Any Region/Local/M-City505497481824
Any National4584494979-39
Any RTE Radio356364393-8-37
Any RTE1/2FM/Lyric356364391-8-35
RTE Radio 1295276294191
Spin 1038138140135-23
Today FM9284988-6
RTE 2FM81102123-21-42
RTEL Lyric FM54515331
Radio Nova5151
Sunshine 106.8FM3432382-4
Phantom 105.2FM2422302-6

The other fight I like is in the market shares for the Dublin region. In the chart below I have, for illustrative purposed removed RTE1 who have a 32% market share.

RTE was removed as I wanted to illustrate the competition lower down the shares. FM104, Q102 and 98FM fist it out for the top spot and then there is another scrap between Newstalk, Today FM, Spin 1038 and 2FM for the middle ground. The rest seem to be fighting near a relegation zone for some.

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