JNLR 2010 Local stations

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Local radio  is alive and well some better than others, but that’s down to a variety of factors. Still dominant (relative to it’s peers) is Highland Radio with a reach of 69% of its franchise area. On the other hand is Kfm who only 24% its franchise area. To be frank, it’s easy to see how that would happen in their situation with such a variety of radio sources available in Kildare – including ‘spill over from some of the Dublin Stations franchises. Over the three years the biggest fallers are Limerick’s live and KCLR. In the intervening period there has bee a shake up with the introduction of the regional franchises. The biggest gain was made by Mid West Radio followed by KCLR radio.

Local:09/10 08/09 07/08
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Highland Radio 6963.76564.26460.4
Mid West Radio 5250.54550.75055.3
Limerick’s Live 95FM 5135.65239.76144.5
Radio Kerry 5055.64649.74644.8
Tipp FM 4957.85151.54648.3
Shannonside/Nort Sound 4746.85148.44954.6
WLR FM 4743.75248.44943.7
Clare FM 4442.34640.23937.1
Ocean FM 4326.54633.64529.8
Midlands 103FM 4233.73631.43533.9
Galway Bay FM 4129.03823.44024.1
KCLR 96FM 3733.33833.24332.7
South East Radio 3629.64234.94032.6
LM FM 3131.23430.43029.3
East Coast FM 2519.82925.13026.7
Kfm 2422.82517.52620.6

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