JNLR 2010 July 09 to June 10

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In order to digest this you’d have to take this in two chunks. The first part we will deal with the ‘national stations’ and later we will deal with the ‘local stations’.

As with most research/analysis – the numbers normally speak for themselves, as they do in this case. The comparison in this case is with the previous year – the exact twelve months – July to June in each year. I struggle to understand why the likes of the BCI and BAI, when issuing these results, will draw their comparisons to  a different survey period – but anyway, these are like with like. 

RTE1 still dominates the airwaves (we’ll dig some stuff up later!) although it’s listenership dipped slightly over the past 12 months. It’s sibling, 2FM seems to be loosing traction year on year all round and its share of listening has this survey dipped into single digits. The same could be said for Today FM whose reach is now 14% and share at 9%. Newstalk and Lyric are fairly static.  

In the three years the listened to ‘any national’ has dropped from 50% to 48% of the population – a drop of  69,000. Some abandoning radio altogether and some heading the local direction.

In the regions outside the two major urban centres – it looks as if the local /regional stations are taking their share of listeners from the national franchises.

In Dublin RTE1 again is the dominant station and gaining slightly year in year. While the two doyens of Dublin Radio – 98 (with the name change) and FM104 slug it out near the top there is a real battle for supremacy stirring underneath. The likes of Q102 who three years ago were #7 out of 11 is now  #5 and with the momentum and their share could soon be tugging at the shirt tails of 98.   Whilst Spin has a marginally better reach (0nly 8,000 listened yesterday) Q102 listeners tend to spend much greater time tuned in – a bigger draw to advertisers.  Whilst 2FM held its reach it didn’t hold its share.

Cork is relatively static dominated by 96FM a stalemate in UTV Media with Q102 and FM104.  The only ripple on the status quo was that Today FM lost out to Newstalk possibly is a bit of number swapping at drive time. 


     Reach Share  Reach  Share      Reach   Share   
   10/0910/09    09/0809/0808/0708/07
Any Regional/Local 5852.55649.45348.8
RTÉ Radio 1 2422.62523.02321.3
RTÉ 2FM 149.31610.91712.4
Today FM 149.61510.61611.7
Newstalk 106-108FM 74.073.763.7
RTÉ Lyric FM 31.641.631.6
National (Not Dubl/Cork)    
Any Regional/Local 6155.55850.85548.9
RTÉ 2FM 1610.71912.92014.4
RTÉ Radio 1 2218.72419.42118.2
Today FM 1510.71712.21914.4
Newstalk 106-108 FM 63.162.342.4
RTÉ Lyric FM 20.931.221.0
4FM (multi-city) 32.021.0
Beat 102-103FM 1911.52012.11911.1
i102-104+ 1913.6169.151.6
Spin South West 1910.0189.9148.3
i105-107FM 63.810.5
RTÉ Radio 1  2932.22932.02729.2
FM104 199.72011.52013.7
Dublin’s 98 1410.91510.91612.2
Spin 1038 146.3146.5136.2
Q102 1310.3128.1106.8
RTÉ 2FM 128.1129.21210.7
Newstalk 106-108FM 106.0127.4117.1
Today FM 106.796.2106.7
RTÉ Lyric FM 53.062.863.0
Country Mix 106.8FM 43.342.632.5
Phantom 105.2 31.131.731.3
Cork’s 96FM/C103 4843.34945.24850.7
Cork’s 96FM 3833.23834.03637.2
RTÉ Radio 1 2520.72521.32218.2
Cork’s Red FM 2010.42110.51710.8
Today FM 1611.01811.9149.7
C103 1410.21411.31413.5
RTÉ 2FM 105.5105.795.6
Newstalk 106-108FM 94.062.552.3
RTÉ Lyric FM 41.731.331.7


If you had to take something from the topline it would be the decline, again, of 2FM in all areas.     

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