September 2016 ABC Newspaper Circulation

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The September ABC figures today do little to stir the digits into tapping the keys. All very much as expected with some of the gains made in the July/August period slowly dwindling away this month.

The Sun fell back 1,500 but much of that was self-inflicted. At one point (May) they were running at near 2,000 copies per month in ‘bulks’ but this shrunk to 530 bulks for September and probably accounts for most of their fall.

The Star and The Mirror held on to what they had last month and overall the tabloids were back just over 1,000 copies.

In the Sunday market The Sun on Sunday showed some restraint and reduced its bulks to 600 copies accounting for all of its 1,000 drop. The Sunday Mirror dropped 3% on the month as did The People.

The Sunday Times added over 1,000 on the month (2%) and the rest of the gains on other publications were small. Sunday market down 17,000 on the year, morning back 22,000.

TitleSep-16Sep-15Aug-16Y/YM/M% Ch Y/Y%Ch M/M
Daily Mirror36,64442,26336,540-5,619104-13%0%
Daily Record300378353-78-53-21%-15%
Irish Daily Star52,31459,71551,901-7,401413-12%1%
The Sun58,25761,36559,813-3,108-1,556-5%-3%
Daily Express2,6122,8952,794-283-182-10%-7%
Irish Daily Mail42,00346,53841,055-4,535948-10%2%
The Daily Telegraph2,3312,8252,433-494-102-17%-4%
Financial Times2,3822,2812,1891011934%9%
The Guardian2,2412,6992,332-458-91-17%-4%
The Times2,6862,8742,953-188-267-7%-9%
Morning Market201,770223,833202,363-22,063-593-10%0%
Daily Star – Sunday15,96815,73016,403238-4352%-3%
The Sun on Sunday56,57462,67957,597-6,105-1,023-10%-2%
Sunday Mail8138048309-171%-2%
Sunday Mirror24,51129,86225,343-5,351-832-18%-3%
The People9,48810,9649,805-1,476-317-13%-3%
Sunday Express3,0273,3503,170-323-143-10%-5%
Sunday Post652819708-167-56-20%-8%
The Mail on Sunday79,27178,09579,0071,1762642%0%
The Observer4,3765,0394,481-663-105-13%-2%
The Sunday Telegraph1,9082,5442,065-636-157-25%-8%
The Sunday Times77,19380,60076,049-3,4071,144-4%2%
Sunday Market273,781290,486275,458-16,705-1,677-6%-1%
Total Market475,551514,319477,821-38,768-2,270-8%0%