September 2014 Irish Newspaper ABC Circulation

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As predicted, the tabloids slipped back after the euphoria of the start of the premiership abated in September. All the tabloids lost their August lustre and now it’s simply a slow decline to the “C” word on the 25th of December.

The Star and Sun are now perilously close to the slipping into the 50’s. Both papers tested those waters briefly earlier in the year only to be saved by the kick of a ball in August. The Star managed to hold on to most of the gains in August whereas The Sun and Mirror were back around 1,500 each on the previous month. But, I’d suggest, if the premier league begins to show a forerunner early in the season, then the appetite for news of the “foreign game” may wane.

The Morning market fell over 4,000 on the previous month and 22,000 on the year.

The Sundays don’t have much of a brighter story. Again the tabloids are down a few thousand on the month and the Mail on Sunday is down over 2,500. The Sunday Times found a floor at and actually managed to put on a few copies. However in early October The Sunday Times raised its cover price from €2.80 to €3.00 so it’s yet to be seen the effect of the price increase. It may begin to show in the October figures.

The People lost a much needed 800 copies to push them into 12,300. How long the publication will survive here is anyone’s guess with the Mirror and People’s editorial departments having merged and the Editor and Deputy Editor of the People falling on their swords in the process.

The Sundays back 8,000 on the month and 22,000 on the year.  

sep morning

sep sunday

Post Script: I just got the heads up from Vincent Jennings, Chief Executive Officer of CSNA. He informs me that as of Saturday 11th, the Daily Record will no longer be available in the Republic. Seemingly the logistics of getting the papers to the Republic each day was becoming arduous and on daily sales of about 500 copies per day it probably makes economic sense.

TitleSep-14Sep-13Aug-14Y o YM o MY % +/-M % +/-
Daily Mirror 48,09953,30549,488-5,206-1,389-10%-3%
Daily Record469479528-10-59-2%-11%
Irish Daily Star61,27166,66561,409-5,394-138-8%0%
The Sun60,48064,59962,064-4,119-1,584-6%-3%
Daily Express2,8023,2633,016-461-214-14%-7%
Irish Daily Mail45,12851,54446,121-6,416-993-12%-2%
The Daily Telegraph2,7982,8922,969-94-171-3%-6%
Financial Times2,4352,5992,261-164174-6%8%
The Guardian2,8263,1862,936-360-110-11%-4%
The Times2,4652,3052,601160-1367%-5%
Morning Market228,773250,837233,393-22,064-4,620-9%-2%
Daily Star – Sunday18,99722,91120,727-3,914-1,730-17%-8%
The Sun/NotW56,29857,28257,227-984-929-2%-2%
Sunday Mail8661,0381,005-172-139-17%-14%
Sunday Mirror34,44439,68536,418-5,241-1,974-13%-5%
The People12,39615,91813,231-3,522-835-22%-6%
Sunday Express3,4093,9223,719-513-310-13%-8%
Sunday Post551589557-38-6-6%-1%
The Mail on Sunday97,476104,379100,111-6,903-2,635-7%-3%
The Observer5,1515,9335,658-782-507-13%-9%
The Sunday Telegraph2,4632,8592,770-396-307-14%-11%
The Sunday Times88,43488,42987,47359610%1%
Sunday  Market320,485342,945328,896-22,460-8,411-7%-3%
Total Market549,258593,782562,289-44,524-13,031-7%-2%