Saturday Newspaper Sales

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The most recent editions of the ACB broke out the sales of the papers available in Ireland (bar the lazy ones) on a Monday to Friday and Saturday averages.

It’s quite an interesting list of figures on many fronts. Most importantly, it shows that the Saturday Market, for the papers under scrutiny, is 36% stronger than the Monday-Friday market. If the M-F sale is 8% below the average, then there are going to be days between Monday and Friday that could only be classes as “tragic”.   

The really interesting figures are how well the ‘quality’ UK papers of The Telegraph, Guardian and FT do at the weekend in Ireland, relative to the M-F sale naturally. Granted the FT do brand that particular edition as the Weekend FT, as opposed to the Saturday FT, and is still safe to be on the shelf on the Sabbath.

The Guardian is an amazing figure rising from 2,300 to 7,300 at the weekend. It only re-affirms my theory that the Irish Newspaper buying public do like a bit of strange at the weekend.      

Daily Mirror 54,38872,11233%
Daily Record6096324%
Irish Daily Star65,33487,64934%
The Sun69,11194,62637%
Daily Express2,8873,30414%
Irish Daily Mail49,88765,08831%
The Daily Telegraph2,3405,625140%
Financial Times2,7784,82974%
The Guardian2,3827,313207%
The Independent75898730%
The Times2,0322,88742%
Morning Market253,014345,05236%

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