Regional Newspaper Circulation July Dec 2009

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This is a bit text heavy – but struggle on! 

Without going through each title line by line the topline data can be summarised as follows:   

Papers no longer having a figure for July Dec 2009 are not necessarily defunct, many have opted out of the ABC audit for their own individual reasons.   

In July/Dec 2009 four publications have joined the audit and four opted out.

Like for like sales show that they are down 33,000 or 7% on 2008 and 53,000 or 11% on 2007.

Of the papers under the audit there are still 435,000 papers sold every week and possibly close to that again for papers not in the audit.

Regional newspapers are still hugely popular – not in the larger cities and towns who would be better serviced with television as perhaps a more savvy radio medium. Dublin does not ‘do’ regional’ or perhaps it should be better termed ‘local’ press.

Local papers have a massive commodity that they don’t exploit – local news. A quick look at this post and some of their websites will confirm that point.

In terms of selling themselves, not to the local community, but to a wider press buying public, they border on useless.

A case in point are some papers, on the list below, who make the decision to have their sales independently verified, go through the whole ABC audit process, have those figures published through the ABC – and then don’t put them on their own web site – a hanging offence. Although its marginally better than one local paper website who, in 2010, use their ABC for Jan June 2007 as a “selling point” on the site.   

Taking 2009 on 2008 the biggest fallers are the Limerick Leader and Western People.

One issue borne out again in these figures is that, geographically, the Leinster local papers suffered higher casualty rates than other regions. But more specifically papers with a closer proximity to the Capital.

Is it due to a lack of movement with less travel due to unemployment? Foreign Nationals returning home (difficult to suggest that they latched ion to local papers on their arrival)? Is the area around Dublin harder hit economically?

One interesting point: We researched some retail aspects of the Local press about two years back and one issue was very apparent. As rural shops closed and they were not replaced, those previous sales of local papers were, in the main, lost for good. With a spate of retail closures in the last two years, this has to be having an adverse effect on local press sales.     

Local papers have a lot to bring and give to a local community. If they could have a cohesive platform and a single lobbying voice they might get a bigger slice of the advertising pie.  

Bray People 5,7364,8484,627-221-1,109
Carlow People 4,6864,5514,786235100
Clare Champion 19,53919,04617,969-1,077-1,570
Connacht Sentinel 5,7575,349-408
Connacht Tribune 24,59823,279-1,319
Donegal Democrat (Thurs)  13,06012,21711,120-1,097-1,940
Donegal Democrat (Tues)  9,5808,4678,009-458-1,571
Donegal News Friday 12,09111,78611,465-321-626
Donegal News Monday3,7343,8743,833-4199
Donegal on Sunday 3,8943,797-973,797
Donegal Post 5,1914,8104,085-725-1,106
Drogheda Independent  10,3289,4288,067-1,361-2,261
Dundalk Democrat 6,4966,288-2086,288
Enniscorthy Guardian  7,5217,3667,104-262-417
Fingal Independent  5,3025,1064,343-763-959
Foinse 4,1523,746-4,152
Galway Advertiser (free)32,19434,79530,0902,601-2,104
Galway Independent  (free)24,61024,64325,590330%
Inish Times 6,2245,9425,399-543-825
Kilkenny Advertiser 7,997
Kilkenny People 16,11315,21714,458-759-1,655
Leinster & Offaly Express 15,31815,19014,131-1,059-1,187
Leinster Leader12,10010,7759,238-1,537-2,862
Leitrim Observer 8,3868,0138,03825-348
Leitrim Post 4,923
Limerick Leader (Weekend)  21,61920,71417,921-2,793-3,698
Limerick Post15,11315,07317,450-402,337
Longford Leader 9,4858,8288,527-301-958
Meath Chronicle 16,01014,65112,704-1,947-3,306
Midland Tribune  10,1059,914-10,105
Mullingar Advertiser5,701 
Munster Express  10,8499,3297,520-1,809-3,329
Nationalist & Munster Ad14,10613,32812,063-1,265-2,043
Nenagh Guardian 8,1348,0517,817-234-317
New Ross Standard 6,3846,1565,955-201-429
Roscommon Herald 9,1858,7378,410-327-775
Sligo Champion 12,10811,35310,307-1,046-1,801
Sligo Weekender 7,9047,5096,491-1,018-1,413
The Anglo Celt 14,71313,78313,305-478-1,408
The Argus 11,50710,7949,948-846-1,559
The Clare People 12,25012,15410,231-1,923-2,019
The Corkman  8,2477,8917,527-364-720
The Echo (Tallaght )9,7417,829-9,741
The Kerryman  26,39224,45123,137-1,314-3,255
The Nationalist 14,696
The Mayo News 10,56910,229-10,569
The Tuam Herald 9,5149,4199,215-204-299
Tipperary Star 9,2239,1048,335-769-888
Western People 19,28918,24216,271-1,971-3,018
Westmeath Examiner 9,2738,5197,010-1,509-2,263
Wexford People 12,86312,58712,094-493-769
Wicklow People  13,12212,15811,191-967-1,931
Like for Like489,003468,905435,781-33,124-53,222
Change on 2009-7%-11%

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