October 2014 Irish Newspaper ABC Circulation

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The euphoria of the English premier league was short lived with the tabloids actually below where they were before the kick of a ball. Both The sun and The Star are at 58,000 and the Mirror at 46,000. In total the tabloids are down 6,600 month on month and nearly 17,000 on the year.

The morning market now stands at 221,000 which is down 21,000 year on year.

In the Sundays there were a few moves. The Mail on Sunday was down nearly 3,000 and the Sunday Mirror fell back 1,500. The Sunday times dropped again, down 1,400 – perhaps disgruntled punters voting with their pockets after their recent price rise.

The Sunday Market is down nearly 8,000 on the month and 33,000 on the year  


TitleOct-14Oct-13Sep-14Y o YM o MY % +/-M % +/-
Daily Mirror 46,52451,15448,099-4,630-1,575-9%-3%
Daily Record359447469-88-110-20%-23%
Irish Daily Star58,74965,35861,271-6,609-2,522-10%-4%
The Sun58,56364,17160,480-5,608-1,917-9%-3%
Daily Express2,6603,0182,802-358-142-12%-5%
Irish Daily Mail45,06048,61645,559-3,556-499-7%-1%
The Daily Telegraph2,6202,7742,798-154-178-6%-6%
Financial Times2,4742,6342,435-16039-6%2%
The Guardian2,6292,9822,826-353-197-12%-7%
The Independent       
The Times2,3002,1522,465148-1657%-7%
Morning Market221,938243,306229,204-21,368-7,266-9%-3%
Daily Star – Sunday18,40622,94218,997-4,536-591-20%-3%
The Sun/NotW55,42858,67456,298-3,246-870-6%-2%
Sunday Mail861994866-133-5-13%-1%
Sunday Mirror32,84938,40234,444-5,553-1,595-14%-5%
The People12,18614,91612,396-2,730-210-18%-2%
Sunday Express3,3033,9393,409-636-106-16%-3%
Sunday Post516583551-67-35-11%-6%
The Mail on Sunday94,478100,67397,476-6,195-2,998-6%-3%
Independent on Sunday       
The Observer5,1275,8245,151-697-24-12%0%
The Sunday Telegraph2,4862,7712,463-28523-10%1%
The Sunday Times86,98795,73488,434-8,747-1,447-9%-2%
Sunday  Market312,627345,452320,485-32,825-7,858-10%-2%
Total Market534,565588,758549,689-54,193-15,124-9%-3%