October 2013 Newspaper ABC’s

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The October ABC’s were released earlier today and show a continued decline of newspaper sales, for those that produce a monthly figure anyway. As a group the tabloids are still taking a beating, down 21,000 year on year and close to 4,000 month on month with The Daily Mirror contributing nearly half of that drop. 

The Daily Mail is down just shy of 3,000 on the month with the morning market down 7,500 on the month and 23,000 on the year. 

Looking at the Sundays, The Sun (Sunday) manages a rare gain, adding 1,400 to their numbers but is still back 8,000 on the year. The other tabloids all show declines both month on month and year on year. 

Similar to the morning version, the Mail on Sunday is down but a more severe 3,700. The Sunday Times managed to correct a recent downward trend and added a fairly spectacular (in this market anyway) 7,300 month on month.On the back of that, the Sunday market is actually up 2,500 on the months but down a very sobering 30,000 on the year.

The chart below tracks the monthly data and the six monthly data showing the similarities between both.

TitleOct-13OctSep-13Y on YM on M
Daily Mirror 51,15457,19153,305-6,037-2,151
Daily Record447510479-63-32
Irish Daily Star65,36570,45066,665-11,025-1,300
The Sun64,17168,69664,599-4,525-428
Tabloids 181,137196,847185,048-21,650-3,911
Daily Express3,0182,6483,263370-245
Irish Daily Mail48,61650,03951,544-1,423-2,928
The Daily Telegraph2,7742,7892,892-15-118
Financial Times2,6343,0572,599-42335
The Guardian2,9823,1523,186-170-204
The Independent
The Times2,1522,1152,30537-153
Morning Market243,313261,424250,837-23,274-7,524
Daily Star – Sunday22,94224,16822,911-1,22631
The Sun/NotW58,67466,76257,282-8,0881,392
Sunday Mail9941,0291,038-35-44
Sunday Mirror38,40241,22939,685-2,827-1,283
The People14,91618,04915,918-3,133-1,002
Sunday Express3,9393,6403,92229917
Sunday Post583654589-71-6
The Mail on Sunday100,673108,791104,379-8,118-3,706
Independent on Sunday0
The Observer5,8246,3705,933-546-109
The Sunday Telegraph2,7712,8572,859-86-88
The Sunday Times95,734102,44788,429-6,7137,305
Sunday  Market345,452375,996342,945-30,5442,507
Racing Post5,340
Total Market588,765637,420593,782-53,818-5,017

October abc 2013