November 2014 Irish Newspaper ABC Circulation

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One audit left for 2014 which will be issued early January. But it’s really all over bar the shouting at this stage. The tabloids took a beating again this month with only one notable good news story coming from New UK during the week regarding their digital offerings.

The one number that caught my eye was the Daily Star (56,700)and its relentless race to the bottom (numerically). Now back into second place again behind The Sun, it managed a spectacular 2,000 drop in sales month on month. The marketing machine that once was so aggressive there seems to have fallen silent and it only give rise to my conspiracy theory that the title will be jettisoned from the IN&M house once its licence is up (2015 I believe).

The Sunday tabloids performed poorly as well losing 4,000 collectively with the Sunday Daily Star and The Sunday Sun contributing the most to that figure.

It looks as if the Sunday Times put on the breaks – a terrible metric to use, but it’s one of its smallest drops month on month this year.
Collectively the papers are down 20,000 on the month and 72,000 on the year.

November 2104

TitleNov-14Nov-13Oct-14Y o YM o MY % +/-M % +/-
Daily Mirror 45,09553,00246,524-7,907-1,429-15%-3%
Daily Record272418359-146-87-35%-21%
Irish Daily Star56,75963,74658,749-6,987-1,990-11%-3%
The Sun57,33660,75658,563-3,420-1,227-6%-2%
Daily Express2,5392,8212,660-282-121-10%-4%
Irish Daily Mail45,10351,18245,060-6,07943-12%0%
The Daily Telegraph2,5402,6972,620-157-80-6%-3%
Financial Times2,3902,5062,474-116-84-5%-3%
The Guardian2,5232,9562,629-433-106-15%-4%
The Independent       
The Times2,1742,0562,300118-1266%-6%
Morning Market211,286242,140221,938-30,854-10,652-13%-4%
Daily Star – Sunday16,85520,30218,406-3,447-1,551-17%-8%
The Sun/NotW53,92156,26355,428-2,342-1,507-4%-3%
Sunday Mail816878861-62-45-7%-5%
Sunday Mirror31,66235,69032,849-4,028-1,187-11%-3%
The People12,46914,65812,186-2,189283-15%2%
Sunday Express3,0803,2113,303-131-223-4%-7%
Sunday Post478553516-75-38-14%-7%
The Mail on Sunday94,356101,91094,478-7,554-122-7%0%
Independent on Sunday      
The Observer4,9675,5985,127-631-160-11%-3%
The Sunday Telegraph2,2392,4612,486-222-247-9%-10%
The Sunday Times86,29094,52286,987-8,232-697-9%-1%
Sunday  Market422,856463,837432,357-40,981-9,501-9%-2%
Total Market634,142705,977654,295-71,835-20,153-3%-10%