Newspaper Readership Figures JNRS 2009

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Hot on the back of the circulation figures come the 2009 JNRS Readership Figures.

Belying the some of the myths – 87% of the Irish Adult population still read a paper every day (that’s a physical one for any cynics).

The largest read paper in Ireland is The Sunday Independent with a reach just short of 30%. A huge number when you consider that across the pond in the UK the reach of the highest read Sunday Paper is the News Of The World at (only) 15%.

It’s shadowed by the Sunday World which is still more than 100,000 readers off the leader.  The survey wasn’t kind to The Sunday World which 107,000 readers in the year, by far the biggest drop out of all the titles.

Overall the survey shows that the ‘red tops’ seemed to have been punished in the twelve months but primarily the Sunday World, The Daily Star and the News of the World. 

The free Dublin titles are no more so this will be their last individual numbers before they are morphed into the Metro AM. The free titles readership was growing with a ‘National Readership’ of 4%, which equated to about 11% reach in Dublin.  While the frees climbed in Dublin the Evening Herald fell and fell below the 300k mark.       

You could understand why a the Irish People which makes not real editorial/marketing effort here and is threading the water to stay above a circulation of 20,000 would pull out of the survey considering the substantial costs involved to a publication. But why the Daily Star on Sunday opted out is a curious one.

Completely against the circulation grain, the Regional Papers gain in readership on the previous survey.

Publication2007%  2008 %   2009  %              %
Universe (000s)3483  3526      
AIR – Any newspaper307987.3% 305086.5% 308287.3%29 
Morning Titles‘000% ‘000% ‘000%‘000%
Irish Independent57016.4% 52014.7% 58116.5%6111.7%
The Irish Times3259.3% 3179.0% 36910.5%5216.4%
Irish Examiner2677.7% 2025.7% 2085.9%63.0%
Irish Daily Star44112.7% 48213.7% 42011.9%-62-12.9%
Irish Daily Mirror2045.9% 2065.8% 2116.0%52.4%
Irish Sun3098.9% 3018.5% 2958.3%-6-2.0%
Irish Daily Mail1173.4% 1393.9% 1424.0%32.2%
Any Daily200957.7% 203757.8% 199056.4%-47-2.3%
Any Morning185253.2% 188353.4% 187353.1%-10-0.5%
Evening Titles          
Evening Herald3159.0% 3179.0% 2898.2%-28-8.8%
Free Titles          
Herald AM   1002.8% 1173.3%1717.0%
Metro   902.6% 1123.2%2224.4%
Any Free Newspaper   1263.6% 1514.3%2519.8%
Sunday Titles          
Sunday Independent101929.3% 94126.7% 103129.2%909.6%
Sunday Tribune2186.3% 1524.3% 1855.3%3321.7%
Sunday World92226.5% 91926.1% 81223.0%-107-11.6%
Sunday Business Post1594.6% 1554.4% 1965.6%4126.5%
Sunday Times36310.4% 3379.6% 41511.7%7823.1%
Irish News of the World57116.4% 56916.1% 51714.6%-52-9.1%
Irish Sunday Mirror1624.7% 1373.9% 1474.2%107.3%
Irish People942.7% 782.2%     
Irish Mail on Sunday2527.2% 2687.6% 3028.6%3412.7%
Irish Daily Star Sunday1785.1% 2075.9%     
Any Sunday252372.4% 251771.4% 248970.5%60.2%
Irish Farmers Journal2396.9% 2206.2% 2727.7%198.6%
Any RNAI /Mediaforce163046.8% 150442.7% 156644.4%1268.4%

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