Newspaper Circulations September 2009

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Like it never happened and not a mention of it anywhere -‘like the orphan child’ as they used to say. One day your group has a combined circulation in the Republic of 6,400 (nothing ecstatic I know, but still..). Then the next month it’s a combined 1,400 – but not a jot about it! Is this the Mary Celeste of the September numbers? The circulation of the Daily Record and its big sister the Sunday Mail have all but collapsed here – but overnight? I don’t think so! In the absence of any comments either on the ABC site or on the publishers site it’s open to idle speculation as to where the 5,000 ‘sales’ went to. Anyway, same swings and roundabouts again. The Sun took a bit of a pasting loosing 2,500 copies in the month unlike its bedfellows as the other Red Tops did well. September should be a decent month for the Reds in particular with the Premier League in full swing and, importantly, the All Ireland Football and Hurling finals normally throw on a few extra copies for the tabloids. And rightly so as they make a good fist of reporting the domestic sport (during the summer months anyway)

Daily Mirror64,94864,786-162
Daily Record1,736501-1,235
Daily Star99,31799,621304
The Sun95,45792,905-2,552
Daily Express3,7003,499-201
Daily Mail48,66250,2121,550
The Daily Telegraph3,1463,077-69
Financial Times3,5423,840298
The Guardian4,3214,256-65
The Independent1,3821,273-109
The Times3,0812,762-319
Morning Market329,292326,732-2,560
Daily Star – Sunday58,10862,4654,357
News of the World138,948136,847-2,101
Sunday Mail4,715920-3,795
Sunday Mirror43,05240,917-2,135
The People23,31722,249-1,068
Sunday Express4,9324,695-237
Sunday Post920860-60
The Mail on Sunday107,304105,784-1,520
Independent on Sunday1,9141,802-112
The Observer9,0879,849762
The Sunday Telegraph2,7042,692-12
The Sunday Times118,072117,587-485
Racing Post7,4857,50621
Sunday Market520,558514,173-6,385
Total Market849,850840,905-8,945

Trying desperately to ignore the Scottish Daily Records figure, the Sunday Daily Star seems to have grabbed a fair few copies from the other Red tops. It picked up 4,300 of the 5,300 that the others dropped. The Sunday Time hung on to the copies it gained (or regained) the previous month. It’s spiring partner The Mail on Sunday lost 1,500 this month. The People seems to still want to hang in there until it breaks through the 20 mark. Since the beginning of the year** the Morning market is back 17,600 copies or 5% and the Sunday back 14,000 or 3%. ** Ignoring the Sunday Mail and Record numbers until we find that ship.