Newspaper Circulations July 2009

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No good news, at all. One ray of light is that, bar six, of the 24 papers that kindly enough issues monthly certificates for their circulation figures have increased their month on month figures. The morning papers are up a modest 4,000 copies the Sundays up 17,000. The decreases in the Sunday market was very much driven by a fairly spectacular fall of 16,000 copies for Mail on Sunday. The market is down 6,000 copies on month on month and 46,000 since January and nearly half of that is down to the bad fortunes of the Mail and Mail on Sunday. Next week the Island of Ireland report will be issued. This will give the six monthly average of the other papers in the market that done report monthly. I suspect there will be a few splatters of blood on the wall after digesting those figures. However real story will be behind the overall figures when the bulk sales are stripped out and we see the actual number of people that are prepared to put their hands in their pockets for a newspaper.

TitleJunJulDiffSince Jan
Daily Mirror63,63964,9971,358-456
Daily Record2,2292,332103-544
Daily Star93,50293,100-402-4,973
The Sun95,15396,4481,295-1,143
Daily Express3,4603,706246537
Daily Mail48,14448,714570-8,284
The Daily Telegraph3,2763,273-332
Financial Times3,7083,684-24-819
The Guardian4,2224,371149-488
The Independent1,5721,487-85-785
The Times2,9343,02389-37
Daily Star – Sunday50,90351,863960-4,543
News of the World136,400136,9165163,890
Sunday Mail6,7186,698-20-2,200
Sunday Mirror39,63041,7242,0942,530
The People22,87423,527653-1,907
Sunday Express4,7005,134434554
Sunday Post8619428162
The Mail on Sunday117,418101,031-16,387-21,662
Independent on Sunday1,5721,963391105
The Observer9,4179,762345-1,068
The Sunday Telegraph2,7262,77347-24
The Sunday Times110,631111,584953-5,734
Racing Post7,8508,252402862