Newspaper Circulations February ‘10

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Comparing month on month is a bit of ‘smoke and mirrors’. January is such a dead month for newspaper sales, using it can be a poor comparison. Since we are in February – we have no choice.

Taking that into account, there were some positives. The Sun bounced back with an extra 2,300 copies on the previous month and seemingly not at the expense of any of the other tabloids. Other than that, the status quo was maintained in the mornings.

The Mail on Sunday had a great month adding over 4,000 and the News of the World added a similar figure. Would the publicity surrounding Mr Paul Williams and his departure from the Sunday World to the News of the World have had an effect on that number?

The fallers were the Daily Star, The People and The Sunday Times.

Daily Mirror59,37859,293-85
Daily Record87289321
Irish Daily Star94,95795,111154
The Sun84,54986,8722,323
Daily Express3,0772,988-89
Irish Daily Mail52,84353,235392
The Daily Telegraph2,8962,775-121
Financial Times3,4873,784297
The Guardian3,9833,862-121
The Independent1,1951,088-107
The Times2,4782,49214
Morning Market309,715312,3932,678
The Mail on Sunday112,011116,1024,091
Daily Star – Sunday56,57054,611-1,959
News of the World126,482129,9213,439
Sunday Mail2,6331,670-963
Sunday Mirror36,97436,752-222
The People21,79820,374-1,424
The Sunday Times115,118113,963-1,155
Sunday Express3,9284,01688
Sunday Post79581116
Independent on Sunday1,8581,502-356
The Observer8,8478,608-239
The Sunday Telegraph2,5112416-95
Racing Post5,9906,726736
Sunday Market383,504381,370-2,134
Total Market693,219693,763544

The Market year on year is the real story where the Mornings are back nearly 30,000 with The Sun and Daily Star with the biggest declines of nine and eight thousand respectively.

The Sundays, year on year, declined by nearly 36,000 with the News of the World, The People, Mirror and Star on Sunday showing the biggest losses – basically the tabloid market.

The only paper to show a monthly year on year increase was the Mail On Sunday up 2,600. 

Top Five DeclinesY on Y
The Sun-9,291
Irish Daily Star-8,570
News of the World-5,631
The People-5,589
Sunday Mirror-5,023