Newspaper Circulations August 2009

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August shows a ‘modest’ increase in newspaper sales, the market picking up by 10,000 copies. This was really down to the Sunday market increasing by 13,000 and the morning papers backing by 3,000. In the mornings the Tabloids again took a bit of a hit. August being a strange months for Tabloids. There is a seasonal lull in the ‘trades’, which has a negative effect on their circulations. But this is normally balanced with the kickoff off of the the UK soccer season, so maybe within those figures is that magical mix.

Daily Mirror64,99764,948-49
Daily Record2,3321,736103
Daily Star100,11299,317-795
The Sun96,44895,457-991
Daily Express3,7063,700-6
Daily Mail48,71448,662-52
The Daily Telegraph3,2733,146-127
Financial Times3,6843,542-142
The Guardian4,3714,321-50
The Independent1,4871,382-105
The Times3,0233,08158
Morning Market332,147329,292-2,855
Daily Star – Sunday57,24558,108863
News of the World136,916138,9482,032
Sunday Mail6,6984,715-1,983
Sunday Mirror41,72443,0521,328
The People23,52723,317-210
Sunday Express5,1344,932-202
Sunday Post942920-22
The Mail on Sunday101,031107,3046,273
Independent on Sunday1,9631,914-49
The Observer9,7629,087-675
The Sunday Telegraph2,7732,704-69
The Sunday Times111,584118,0726,488
Racing Post8,2527,485-767
Sunday Market507,551520,55813,007
Total Market839,698849,85010,152

The Sunday market sees a near “Lazarus” type of resurrection! The Sunday Times and Mail on Sunday, having dipped to year lows in July, both made spectacular recoveries in August – both promotionally driven I would suggest. The two papers combines are the gains in the Sunday Market. It’s a pity we don’t know what some of the indigenous papers are doing and we’ll have to wait until 2010 to find out what their numbers were this month. Who says we live in a ‘fast moving economy’.