May ABC Newspaper Circulation 2012

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The Kings is dead, long live the King. Not since January 2009 has the Daily Star been out boxed by its rival, The Sun. But even in that figure there is a measure of ‘smoke and mirrors’. The Daily Star circulation figure historically is an amalgam of its Republic of Ireland figure and its Northern Ireland edition (the Green Top). The Sun figure is simply the Republic of Ireland figure – so arguably in this jurisdiction The Sun has been the champ for a while. Now they have bragging rights to both weight divisions and I suggest they won’t be behind the bush on this one.


The Daily Star slid nearly 4,000 last month and its down close to 14,000 year on year – it’s a long time since they crashed that hard in a month. The Sun dipped over 1,000 and the Mirror just 700. The disastrous performance of the Republic in Poland and the fact that there are 20,000 supporters there (many of them loyal Star readers) won’t help the Daily Star numbers for June either (unless they did a ‘Polish Special’ as they did before).
The Morning market is back 14,000 month on month and nearly 53,000 on the year.
Briefly on the Sundays: The Sun on Sunday fell another 4,500 and it’s now looking at falling over the 70,000 mark. The Mail on Sunday (-4,500) and the Sunday Times (-5,700) were the other big fallers. Maybe the ABC1’s went on holidays last month.
With nine fallers and three gaining, the Sunday Market is down 13,000 month on month and 28,000 The combined market is down over 113,000 on the year.


Daily Mirror 56,83862,13157,610-5,293-772
Daily Record597719613-122-16
Irish Daily Star72,02285,99875,728-13,976-3,706
The Sun72,61081,34973,750-8,739-1,140
Daily Express2,9173,1222,962-205-45
Irish Daily Mail50,65749,86752,651790-1,994
The Daily Telegraph2,9143,0892,938-175-24
Financial Times3,0803,4423,150-362-70
The Guardian3,2373,7393,278-502-41
The Independent7951,0321,307-237-512
The Times2,2142,3392,187-12527
Morning Market470,491527,657484,674-57,166-14,183
Daily Star – Sunday25,96226,25826,006-296-44
The Sun/NotW70,950113,46375,512-42,513-4,562
Sunday Mail1,1251,6871,126-562-1
Sunday Mirror42,35641,19340,8371,1631,519
The People19,05518,62118,284434771
Sunday Express3,0494,6844,081-1,635-1,032
Sunday Post749730-749-730
The Mail on Sunday105,436104,893108,563543-3,127
Ind. on Sunday1,2721,4641,280-192-8
The Observer6,2337,4196,432-1,186-199
Sunday Telegraph2,7472,8762,938-129-191
The Sunday Times103,021113,153108,748-10,132-5,727
Sunday  Market381,206436,460394,537-55,254-13,331
Racing Post5,6166,4816,320-865-704
Total Market857,313970,598885,531-113,285-28,218