March 2014 ABC Circulation

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March brings a bit of good news for the tabloids in the form of Cheltenham, which always manages to lift sales for them. However going on the past, this boost will be short-lived and April will bring a dose of reality to a beleaguered market.

The big winner this month was the Daily Star gaining close to 2,000 copies and it looks like it was at the expense of the Daily Mirror, who had a fairly disastrous Cheltenham month falling nearly 1,000 on February. The Daily Mail is obviously not a “punters paper” and never really held itself out as such: it dropped 2,500 on the month.

Nothing eventful happened in the Sunday market bar a decent increase for the Sunday Times gaining 2,300. Outside that, the market is up 1,300 but down 47,000 on the year.

TitleMar-14Mar-13Feb-14Y/YM/M% Ch Y/Y
Daily Mirror 50,11356,03351,093-5,920-980-11%
Daily Record401470415-69-14-15%
Irish Daily Star63,08768,51861,121-5,4311,966-8%
The Sun61,00566,94460,199-5,939806-9%
(Tabloids Total)174,606191,965172,828-17,3591,778-9%
Daily Express2,7402,7392,738120%
Irish Daily Mail47,47253,19850,009-5,726-2,537-11%
The Daily Telegraph2,6562,8322,636-17620-6%
Financial Times2,4802,7722,511-292-31-11%
The Guardian2,7443,0302,773-286-29-9%
i 766    
The Independent      
The Times2,1372,0582,09279454%
Morning Market234,835259,360235,587-23,759-752-9%
Daily Star – Sunday19,46822,32620,210-2,858-742-13%
The Sun/NotW56,10157,74555,675-1,644426-3%
Sunday Mail8991,030875-13124-13%
Sunday Mirror35,86738,57635,353-2,709514-7%
The People13,69915,83214,403-2,133-704-13%
Sunday Express3,4943,3253,617169-1235%
Sunday Post525620549-95-24-15%
The Mail on Sunday100,461108,683100,086-8,222375-8%
Independent on Sunday0 0   
The Observer5,4595,8025,478-343-19-6%
The Sunday Telegraph2,5672,7652,570-198-3-7%
The Sunday Times96,732101,91594,372-5,1832,360-5%
Sunday  Market335,272358,619333,188-23,3472,084-7%
Racing Post      
Total Market570,107617,979568,775-47,1061,332-8%