June ABC’s 2013

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Relative to some of the previous months, this hasn’t been too bad, but only on a month on month basis. June saw the start of the Football and Hurling, which may have contributed to a few sales and even the famous Anglo tapes might have helped papers other than the Indo a little as well.

The Daily Mirror added a few copies (and a shiny new website – which is worth a look at www.irishmirror.ie) up 700 on the month. The Star lost yet another few bundles down just over 1000 month on month and The Sun wasn’t too far behind loosing over 700 copies.
The tabloids are by far the biggest loser in the mornings but, as you can see form the graphic below showing the monthly rate of decline over the past 36 months, the decline is slowing – cold comfort perhaps.


In (another) lesson in tabloid marketing: do nothing and sell 22,000 papers every Sunday. That would be the mantra of the Daily Star on Sunday. The Sun on Sunday and the Sunday Mirror managed to add over 1, 000 copies each this month perhaps at the expense of the Mail on Sunday which dropped 1,600.
The Sunday Times is still finding returning to that 100,000 mark particularly elusive dropping 1,600 this month. Given they were plus 100 in March, it’s been a particularly bad few months.

Looking at this from a broader perspective in the Sunday market – the tabloids have fared well and the non-tabloids (the normal bipolar term for ‘Tabloid’ is ‘Quality’, but I think we can dispense with that formality at this point) have done badly.
Down 2,000 on the month and 60,000 year on year.

Daily Mirror 53,36456,00852,631-2,644733
Daily Record480587476-1074
Irish Daily Star64,48572,11365,568-7,628-1,083
The Sun63,74371,38164,143-7,638-400
Daily Express2,9202,9542,870-3450
Irish Daily Mail51,52050,26251,7391,258-219
The Daily Telegraph2,8833,0042,883-1210
Financial Times2,5863,0142,705-428-119
The Guardian3,0333,2843,079-251-46
The Independent780-7800
The Times2,1432,2282,144-85-1
Morning Market248,034265,615249,069-17,581-1,035
Daily Star – Sunday22,62426,05322,117-3,429507
The Sun/NotW57,38574,56656,054-17,1811,331
Sunday Mail9741,1441,008-170-34
Sunday Mirror39,09341,83938,006-2,7461,087
The People15,97116,80215,958-83113
Sunday Express3,5913,7923,711-201-120
Sunday Post591677599-86-8
The Mail on Sunday102,236105,955103,909-3,719-1,673
Independent on Sunday1,207-1,207
The Observer5,6786,2035,972-525-294
The Sunday Telegraph2,8072,8072,755052
The Sunday Times92,81799,00394,510-6,186-1,693
Sunday  Market343,767380,048344,599-36,281-832
Racing Post5,918
Total Market591,801651,581593,668-59,780-1,867

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