June 2016 Irish ABC Newspaper circulation

The figures today bring us to the halfway point in the year. Like last month, there are a few numbers below the surface distorting reality – which I’ll endeavour to bring to the surface.

The most notable number is that of The Sun who had a sale of 69,000 for the month, an increase of 19% on the previous month. Initially, the paper declared it was going to run a €0.50 promotion throughout the Euro’s until the 10th June, coinciding with the cup final.

However, they decided to stick with it for the whole of the month of July. A costly exercise for the month in terms of forgone revenue (which I’d estimate at €600k if they kept the retailer margin as it was in May), but paying dividends of a 19% increase in sales.

The Daily Mail’s figure shows an increase of 4% on the previous month, however, does not reveal the 18% bulks in that figure. In June, one in five of their sales fell into the ‘Multiple Copy Sales ‘ category, whereas in May the same category accounted for 9% of the total sale, that’s why the increase is a noteworthy observation.

The Daily Star increased is sale on the month and the Daily Mirror felt the wrath of The Sun promotion dropping 3,000 on the month or 8%.

In the Sunday Market the pricing was the main contributory factor to the gains and falls – amongst the tabloids at any rate. Like the daily, The Sun on Sunday continued the price promotion across the month and managed a 26% increase on the previous month to 66,700. The Mirror and People paid the price and dropped 18% and 14% respectively during the promotion.

The Mail on Sunday, like the daily, also availed of the ‘Multiple Copy Sales ‘ this month with 15% of the sale in that category, up from 3% the previous month.

The Sunday Times added 2,500 bringing them up to just shy of 76,000 and all the pricing and the smoke and mirrors availed of this month meant a 2% increase in the Sunday Market year on year. I reserve the applause.

TitleJun-16Jun-15May-16Y/YM/M% Ch Y/Y% Ch Y/Y
Daily Mirror35,99340,80939,001-4,816-3,008-12%-8%
Daily Record269292281-23-12-8%-4%
Irish Daily Star53,51355,71951,847-2,2061,666-4%3%
The Sun69,11557,95758,07611,15811,03919%19%
Daily Express2,5752,6382,485-6390-2%4%
Irish Daily Mail48,19958,94946,173-10,7502,026-18%4%
The Daily Telegraph2,3862,6482,334-26252-10%2%
Financial Times2,3072,3002,2347730%3%
The Guardian2,4632,4752,185-122780%13%
The Times2,8792,4612,59141828817%11%
Morning Market219,699226,248207,207-6,54912,492-3%6%
Daily Star – Sunday15,31315,69315,386-380-73-2%0%
The Sun/NotW66,76752,78257,66213,9859,10526%16%
Sunday Mail723829756-106-33-13%-4%
Sunday Mirror24,72630,15126,140-5,425-1,414-18%-5%
The People9,34610,9219,705-1,575-359-14%-4%
Sunday Express3,1453,1742,973-29172-1%6%
Sunday Post749937781-188-32-20%-4%
The Mail on Sunday85,30985,12181,1041884,2050%5%
The Observer4,9774,6094,2393687388%17%
The Sunday Telegraph2,2322,3761,956-144276-6%14%
The Sunday Times75,96778,18773,419-2,2202,548-3%3%
Sunday     Market289,254284,780274,1214,47415,1332%6%
Total Market508,953511,028481,328-2,07527,6250%6%


Correction 27/07/16 amended Daily Star Figure.