July ABC 2014 Irish Newspaper Circualtion

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Most of the morning tabloids had a bit of a mini-rally with The Sun and The Mirror gaining month on month.  However the Daily Star didn’t figure in the ‘surge’ dropping 150 copies and its first place spot among the redtops as well.

The Daily Mail reports a drop of over 6,000 on the month (-13%) which is a fairly sizeable decrease in a calendar month but much of that could be down to a reduction in their Multiple Copy Sales figure which dropped by over 3,000 month on month. The rest of the mornings are minimal in terms of movement and reporting worth.

In the Sundays the tabloids all lost out, with the Sunday Sun and the Sunday Mirror the heaviest losers. The Sunday Times was the biggest faller in actual copies dropping 1,6,00 on the month. This is on the back of a 3,500 fall last month and it has lost close to 10,000 copies since the start of the year.

Finally a note for the diary: on the 21st we’ll finally get to see the circulation data for the laggards in the business when the last remaining papers reveal their numbers in the Island of Ireland Report. There will be the usual fanfare and euphemistic reporting in an aim to disguise the reality of the situation.

The papers under scrutiny here are down 7% on the year – I’d expect something similar with the tail end of the papers.  

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TitleJul-14Jul-13Jun-14Y/YM/M% Ch Y/Y
Daily Mirror 48,21453,45547,704-5,241510-9.8%
Daily Record474551417-7757-14.0%
Irish Daily Star59,60264,17259,753-4,570-151-7.1%
The Sun60,26764,45059,200-4,1831,067-6.5%
Daily Express2,9813,1252,826-144155-4.6%
Irish Daily Mail45,15247,17451,714-2,022-6,562-4.3%
The Daily Telegraph2,8042,9712,761-16743-5.6%
Financial Times2,3222,5242,333-202-11-8.0%
The Guardian2,7573,0502,717-29340-9.6%
The Independent      
The Times2,4942,2852,2592092359.1%
Morning Market227,067244,720231,684-16,690-4,617-6.8%
Daily Star – Sunday19,69622,23419,847-2,538-151-11.4%
The Sun/NotW54,12158,03254,822-3,911-701-6.7%
Sunday Mail9881,156869-168119-14.5%
Sunday Mirror34,35538,32434,763-3,969-408-10.4%
The People13,11216,28113,313-3,169-201-19.5%
Sunday Express3,6734,2273,527-554146-13.1%
Sunday Post552610517-5835-9.5%
The Mail on Sunday100,453101,632100,040-1,179413-1.2%
Independent on Sunday      
The Observer5,2825,8085,140-526142-9.1%
The Sunday Telegraph2,5592,7372,534-17825-6.5%
The Sunday Times84,90992,33186,590-7,422-1,681-8.0%
Sunday  Market319,700343,372321,962-23,672-2,262-6.9%
Racing Post      
Total Market546,767587,113553,646-40,362-6,879-6.9%