January 2015 Irish Newspaper ABC Circulation

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It was never going to be that difficult to increase sales on the back of a miserable December, which the morning market has done and it see a rise of over 13,000 on the month.

However the year on year figure shows the morning market down over 19,000 on January 2014.
These figures have to be a gift to some of the papers (notably the morning tabloids) who are struggling to maintain purchasers every morning.

The Sunday Market didn’t do as well as it fell over 4,000 compared to December 2014 and just over 30,000 compared to January 2014.It was the tabloids that took the brunt of that fall declining nearly 4,000 collectively. The People lost 7% this month alone is is 23% behind where it was in January 2014 now selling just over 11,000 copies every Sunday. Surly there has to be a point where the economies of producing a weekly tabloid vanish and could The People be close or at that point?

The Sunday Times had a good month adding 2,000 copies and the Sunday Mirror was also in positive territory.

TitleJan-15Dec-13Dec-14Y o YM o MY % +/-M % +/-
Daily Mirror 46,23554,01043,918-7,7752,317-14%5%
Daily Record293416279-12314-30%5%
Irish Daily Star57,51562,27054,515-4,7553,000-8%6%
The Sun58,61162,47756,101-3,8662,510-6%4%
Daily Express2,6752,8132,559-138116-5%5%
Irish Daily Mail49,16351,30443,850-2,1415,313-4%12%
The Daily Telegraph2,6832,8702,712-187-29-7%-1%
Financial Times2,4192,5592,381-14038-5%1%
The Guardian2,7653,0182,705-25360-8%2%
The Independent       
The Times2,2802,0812,369199-8910%-4%
Morning Market224,639243,818211,389-19,17913,250-8%5%
Daily Star – Sunday17,38421,48318,781-4,099-1,397-19%-7%
The Sun/NotW53,25654,74054,881-1,484-1,625-3%-3%
Sunday Mail787889883-102-96-11%-11%
Sunday Mirror33,57037,30133,260-3,731310-10%1%
The People11,44014,89912,508-3,459-1,068-23%-7%
Sunday Express3,1033,3753,374-272-271-8%-8%
Sunday Post482554520-72-38-13%-7%
The Mail on Sunday90,000100,03091,611-10,030-1,611-10%-2%
Independent on Sunday       
The Observer4,9295,3415,166-412-237-8%-4%
The Sunday Telegraph2,1702,5892,449-419-279-16%-11%
The Sunday Times88,07293,99386,059-5,9212,013-6%2%
Sunday  Market305,193335,194309,492-30,001-4,299-9%-1%
Total Market529,832579,012520,881-49,1808,951-8%2%