January 2013 ABC Newspaper Circulation

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Just because the month on month figures are devoid of their now customary minuses, it doesn’t mean things are getting better – is simply because January is being compared to a very slow December.  You only have to glance at the Year on Year column to see the real picture.

All the tabloids bounced back after the festivities and all kept their relative positions. The Daily Mail got a lift of close to 1,000 and the morning market is 6,000 for the better month on month but 18,000 down year on year.

In the Sunday bundle the Daily Star fell by 1,000 and it looks as if it was picked up by the Sunday Mirror. The Mail on Sunday also fell by 1,000. The Sunday Sun looks as if its picked the mid 50’s to settle down in but that’s some was off the numbers for its previous incarnation.       

The Sunday Times lifted itself back over the 100 mark this month but in absolute numbers it’s the paper with the biggest year on year difference at over 13,000 down. Looking at that in percentage terms the trophy goes to the Daily Star Sunday at 37% down year on year. Just to note: there was no cert for the Racing Post in this month’s release.  

The Headline: down 33,000 in the twelve months. Morning down nearly 7%, Sunday down 3% (18% ex-Sunday Sun which is another way to look at it).

Small update on the Racing Post – they went to a six month certificate. Their business is a very date base and therefore moveable feast. The big meeting in Punchestown can be April one year and May the next thuse shifthing figures from one cert to the next. Comparing months year on year can be very misleading. 

So smoothing out those bumps into a six month average will mean that those less familiar with the business of racing, soccer, F1 (I could go on!) have a more stable (get it?) figure.     

Daily Mirror 56,84259,47055,913-2,628929
Daily Record459551477-92-18
Irish Daily Star68,21376,56066,941-8,3471,272
The Sun66,82373,28365,714-6,4601,109
Daily Express2,7062,8312,689-12517
Irish Daily Mail51,27250,32948,6729432,600
The Daily Telegraph2,9072,9322,802-25105
Financial Times2,8103,2312,865-421-55
The Guardian3,2133,5623,175-34938
The Independent08380-8380
The Times2,0702,1082,065-385
Morning Market258,071276,174252,080-18,1035,991
Daily Star – Sunday22,35135,35323,360-13,002-1,009
The Sun/NotW58,74956,74958,7492,000
Sunday Mail9791,1621,055-183-76
Sunday Mirror41,91061,36540,716-19,4551,194
The People16,98026,10416,688-9,124292
Sunday Express2,5503,8423,458-1,292-908
Sunday Post621823627-202-6
The Mail on Sunday105,827115,186106,851-9,359-1,024
Independent on Sunday1,298-1,2980
The Observer5,8817,0346,220-1,153-339
The Sunday Telegraph2,6972,7782,559-81138
The Sunday Times101,600114,61498,132-13,0143,468
Sunday  Market360,145369,559356,415-9,4143,730
Racing Post5,411-5,4110
Total Market618,216651,144608,495-32,9289,721