Irish Newspaper Readership

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The JNRS survey hit the streets and made for some fairly depressing reading in some quarters. Overall readership of newspapers was down only marginally with the morning titles gaining slightly. Notably it’s the first time that the full figures of the Free newspapers came into the survey. 
It shows that, after two and a half years, they have a decent readership in the morning and perhaps a slight issue with loyalty to any particular title which is understandable. The ‘fear and loathing’ that was bellowed from some corners about the erosion of the established titles to the new freshet entrants looks like, on these set of figures, to have been unnecessary. In the Morning market The Mail would seem to have gained at the expense certainly of the Irish Independent and to a lesser extent the Examiner.
The Examiner having a torrid time in these figures, something that is not fully reflected as dramatically in their circulation figures over the same period which has fallen about 5%. However, newspaper circulation figures and newspaper readership results have always been strange bedfellows and I am sure, that like many a newspaper management team in the past faced with the exact same conundrum, The Examiners team will be preparing some rebuttal to these.
The Sundays showed that the readership of the tabloids, mainly The Sunday Mirror and People has dropped – which is reflected to a greater extent in their circulations over the same period (not that we are comparing as they are mutually exclusive!).
The Sunday Tribune lost a chunk of readers most likely to the Mail on Sunday, which would be fighting for some of the Tribunes market. The Regional’s took a knock as did the Farmers Journal. The Guide was down and Image lost 30% of its readership in the past 12 months.
2008 2007
Universe (000s)3526 3483
AIR – Any newspaper305086.5% 307987.3%
Morning Titles
Irish Independent52014.7% 57016.4%-50
The Irish Times3179.0% 3259.3%-8
Irish Examiner2025.7% 2677.7%-65
Irish Daily Star48213.7% 44112.7%41
Irish Daily Mirror2065.8% 2045.9%2
Irish Sun3018.5% 3098.9%-8
Irish Daily Mail1393.9% 1173.4%22
Any Daily203757.8% 200957.7%28
Any Morning188353.4% 185253.2%31
Evening Titles
Evening Herald3179.0% 3159.0%2
Free Titles
Herald AM1002.8%
Any Free Newspaper1263.6%
Sunday Titles
Sunday Independent94126.7% 101929.3%-78
Sunday Tribune1524.3% 2186.3%-66
Sunday World91926.1% 92226.5%-3
Sunday Business Post1554.4% 1594.6%-4
Sunday Times3379.6% 36310.4%-26
Irish News of the World56916.1% 57116.4%-2
Irish Sunday Mirror1373.9% 1624.7%-25
Irish People782.2% 942.7%-16
Irish Mail on Sunday2687.6% 2527.2%16
Irish Daily Star Sunday2075.9% 1785.1%29
Any Sunday251771.4% 252372.4%-6
Irish Farmers Journal2206.2% 2396.9%-19
Any RNAI /Mediaforce150442.7% 163046.8%-126
RTE Guide2858.1% 3429.8%-57
Hot Press351.0% 421.2%-7
Image722.0% 1033.0%-31

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