Irish Newspaper Circulation October 2010

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The mornings took a right hammering in October loosing 11k month on month mainly spurred on by the red tops. The Sun lost 5% of it’s circulation in a month, The Daily star not far behind it at 3.6%. Nobody seems to have picked up any of these falling sales. The Irish Daily Mail didn’t escape the carnage  dropping 3.2%. All pretty bad news for the morning market. The Sundays also threw up a few casualties the most notable of which would be the News of the World back 4,400 in a month. It looks as if some of those went to the Sunday Mirror which was up 1,200. A bit of a see-saw went on – the Irish Mail on Sunday was down 2,700 and the Sunday times was up 2,400. The Mail on Sunday is down 14,000 year on year, the biggest faller in the Sundays over the 12 months.  Overall the Sunday Market was down 38,000 in 12 months. Sunday Times, Sunday Mirror, Irish Independent and Sunday Independent all raised their cover prices during the month.

TitleSep-10Oct-10Oct-09M on MY on Y
Daily Mirror62,83561,41262,876-1,423-41
Daily Record767749833-18-66
Irish Daily Star92,79889,38697,113-3,412-4,315
The Sun86,91482,89490,274-4,020-3,360

Daily Express3,0672,8043,113-263-46
Irish Daily Mail50,67949,01148,177-1,6682,502

The Daily Telegraph3,0812,8262,971-255110
Financial Times3,7283,8183,81290-84
The Guardian3,7343,7744,09740-363
The Independent1,0029471,142-55-140
The Times2,5922,4482,629-144-37
Morning Market311,197300,069317,037-11,128-5,840

Daily Star – Sunday51,60251,84354,574241-2,972
News of the World126,375121,882134,782-4,493-8,407
Sunday Mail1,8401,8022,307-38-467
Sunday Mirror38,64639,89038,4811,244165
The People20,34519,53821,349-807-1,004

Sunday Express4,0783,8784,434-200-356
Sunday Post790760829-30-39
The Mail on Sunday111,849109,075126,221-2,774-14,372

Independent on Sunday1,3601,4051,51245-152
The Observer7,8517,5889,189-263-1,338
The Sunday Telegraph2,5872,6652,5207867
The Sunday Times107,651110,103116,9232,452-9,272
Sunday Market474,974470,429513,121-4,545-38,147

Racing Post6,4966,4506,686-46-190
Total Market786,171770,498830,158-15,673-43,987