Irish Newspaper Circulations November 2010

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As the year draws to a close, it brings no good news. And with the snow and appalling driving conditions December will not ‘save the hay’ – expect there to be a few bad news stories when the December figures are out. 

Month on Month the overall market is up marginally spurred on by the Sunday market, which in turn was spurred on by the Mail on Sunday. The Daily Mail was the only number of note putting on nearly 1,500 copies. Outside that the status quo was maintained. On the back of some fairly sharp criticisms contained in the pages of the FT in November, they managed to pile on 266 copies.    

The Sundays manages to drag themselves up again with help mainly from The Mail on Sunday adding a very respectable 9,500 in the month. The News of the World, who were back advertising on the television and also helped by the crime documentaries written and narrated by Paul Williams that were broadcast in the month – all added up to a 3,000 copies extra. The Sunday Mirror, who up to this point have been doing ok and making reasonable progress slipped by 4,000.

The Sunday market is back 23,000 year on year and the morning nearly 14,000.  

Title    Oct-10    Nov-10    Nov-09    M o M       Y o Y
Daily Mirror61,41260,91660,381-496535
Daily Record749686793-63-107
Irish Daily Star89,38689,17897,506-208-8,328
The Sun82,89483,35288,657458-5,305

Daily Express2,8042,8293,11625-287
Irish Daily Mail49,01150,48950,5011,478-12

The Daily Telegraph2,8262,9122,78286130
Financial Times3,8184,0843,855266229
The Guardian3,7743,7534,050-21-297
The Independent9479701,19223-222
The Times2,4482,3542,545-94-191
Morning Market300,069301,523315,3781,454-13,855

Daily Star – Sunday51,84352,23961,379396-9,140
News of the World121,882124,964126,4973,082-1,533
Sunday Mail1,8021,5902,084-212-494
Sunday Mirror39,89035,73535,218-4,155517
The People19,53819,46120,293-77-832

Sunday Express3,8784,0764,240198-164
Sunday Post760736803-24-67
The Mail on Sunday109,075118,507122,7019,432-4,194

Independent on Sunday1,4051,1841,624-221-440
The Observer7,5887,6839,40595-1,722
The Sunday Telegraph2,6652,4382,414-22724
The Sunday Times110,103108,455113,660-1,648-5,205
Sunday  Market470,429477,068500,3186,639-23,250

Racing Post6,4506,4397,065-11-626
Total Market770,498778,591815,6968,093-37,105