Irish Newspaper Circulations May 2011

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Without trying to detract from some of the increases – one has to keep in mind that April was a fairly appalling month for newspapers with Easter and Bank Holidays etc.

Mornings first: The Sun came back out and increased by over 3,000 copies, actually all the tabloids saw an increase on the previous month. The rest of the papers only saw marginal increases month on month. Year on year The Mirror is still hanging on to a small lead whilst the Daily Star had decreased by some 9,000 copies and The Sun is back over 5,000. No bounce for the tabloids at all in this market.

Sunday Market: The Sunday Daily Star figure speaks for itself, but there is no excuse for the New Of The World back (another) 1, 400 month on month and over 20,000 on the year (or about an estimated €.5m in circulation revenue). The Mail on Sunday is a big faller, back 11,000 on the month but still only down 4,000 on the year.

Daily Mirror 62,13161,03661,4191,095712
Daily Record719724786-5-67
Irish Daily Star85,99885,19294,946806-8,948
The Sun81,34978,14386,5973,206-5,248
Daily Express3,1223,0252,93497188
Irish Daily Mail49,86750,20549,654-338213
The Daily Telegraph3,0893,0502,96339126
Financial Times3,4423,5534,067-111-625
The Guardian3,7393,7613,810-22-71
The Independent1,0329121,171120-139
The Times2,3392,3262,60113-262
Morning Market290,879292,700310,948-1,821-20,069
Daily Star – Sunday26,25828,54558,464-2,287-32,206
News of the World113,463114,904134,716-1,441-21,253
Sunday Mail1,6871,6331,80954-122
Sunday Mirror41,19340,70538,6934882,500
The People18,62118,17319,946448-1,325
Sunday Express4,6844,5193,786165898
Sunday Post749788790-39-41
The Mail on Sunday104,893116,336109,405-11,443-4,512
Independent on Sunday1,4641,3381,525126-61
The Observer7,4197,6397,766-220-347
The Sunday Telegraph2,8762,9532,375-77501
The Sunday Times113,153111,194113,7641,959-611
Sunday Market436,460448,727493,039-12,267-56,579
Racing Post6,4816,5516,418-7063
Total Market733,820747,978803,987-14,158-70,167

Year on year the market is down 20,000 in the mornings and 56,000 in the Sunday (Sunday Daily Star contributing heavily in that figure).

A thousand words:


Overal sales January 2009 to May 2011