Irish Newspaper Circulations June 2009

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Possibly a month where the recent declines seems to have, in the main, settled down. The Daily Mirror was the big loser in the mornings along with the Daily Mail. The Redtops had a torrid time in recent months, but last month it looks like the declines may have bottomed out. The Mail On Sunday robbed rival The Sunday Times of 5,000 copies in one single month. The News of the World made much welcomed gains this month.

May JuneMoM -/+
Daily Mirror 66,48263,639-2,843
Daily Record 2,2972,229-68
Daily Star93,69293,502-190
The Sun95,60995,153-456
Daily Express3,3113,460149
Daily Mail 50,06148,144-1,917
The Daily Telegraph3,2663,27610
Financial Times 3,9983,708-290
The Guardian4,4124,222-190
The Independent1,8151,572-243
The Times2,8522,93482
Daily Star – Sunday 51,37250,903-469
News of the World 128,005136,4008,395
Sunday Mail 6,6226,71896
Sunday Mirror 39,40739,630223
The People 23,84222,874-968
Sunday Express4,8234,700-123
Sunday Post 875861-14
The Mail on Sunday 112,416117,4185,002
Independent on Sunday 1,5591,57213
The Observer 9,7569,417-339
The Sunday Telegraph 2,8472,726-121
The Sunday Times 117,293110,631-6,662
Racing Post 8,3527,850-502

Since the beginning of the year, the assembled papers above have jettisoned 37,000 copies collectively, with no paper gaining copies. The Mail on Sunday and Daily editions Would have been one of the biggest losers followed by the Star, Daily and Sunday. The Sunday Times losses were incurred mainly last month so its wait and see it they claw any of that back.

Since Jan
Daily Mirror 542
Daily Record -647
Daily Star-4571
The Sun-2438
Daily Express291
Daily Mail -8854
The Daily Telegraph35
Financial Times -795
The Guardian-637
The Independent-700
The Times-126
Daily Star – Sunday -5503
News of the World 3374
Sunday Mail -2180
Sunday Mirror 436
The People -2560
Sunday Express120
Sunday Post -19
The Mail on Sunday -5275
Independent on Sunday -286
The Observer -1413
The Sunday Telegraph -71
The Sunday Times -6687
Racing Post 460