Irish Newspaper Circulations July 2011

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Let’s cut straight to the interesting market in July – The Sundays. The News of the World ceased trading and produced a final edition on the second Sunday of the month. However, they decided not to produce an ABC figure for the month- and why would they.

The previous month the NoW sold roughly 113,000 copies so , theoretically, they were all up for grabs (let’s leave aside multiple purchases). As the Sunday market was still down over 38,000 copies week on week, you can safely assume that only 75,000 copies found other new homes and we could also suggest that 38,000 of the 113,000 were part of a multiple purchase.

The main beneficiaries of the closure were the Sunday Mirror and, ironically, the Daily Star on Sunday. The Mirror was up nearly 25,000 and The Star up 22,000 to 53,303. The Sunday Mirror has close to doubled its circulation year on year on the back of the closure.

Before it closed The Sunday Star was selling around 35,000 in the last two months, but its average sale for 2010 was 53,488. So now, after closing the publication and making nearly 20 staff redundant, it’s back up to where it was.

The Mail on Sunday seems to have picked up a few of the strays as well gaining 15,000. The Sunday Times is up 2,500 but its doubtful if its disaffected News of the World readers and more their coverage of the event that got them a few extra copies.

Even if all the papers remaining had a good month, the market is still down nearly 74,000 year on year its biggest year on year difference in over 18 months and down over 10% year on year.

All of the Tabloids in the morning had a good month and collectively they gained 5,000. Again there are many factors here. Naturally they* covered the NoW story in great depth and certainly gained a few copies on the back of the story. Also the GAA was really ramped up and most of the provincial finals would have been in July which always manages to boost circulation. *they: in this instance it referrers to all tabloid morning papers, bar The Sun.

Daily Mirror63,49262,24760,8131,2452,679
Daily Record734607835127-101
Irish Daily Star86,56284,13495,6192,428-9,057
The Sun80,05278,44187,4691,611-7,417
Daily Express3,3473,1993,194148153
Irish Daily Mail49,78750,52248,934-735853
The Daily Telegraph3,1552,9823,06817387
Financial Times3,4733,3343,509139-36
The Guardian4,0553,6033,708452347
The Independent1,1241,0161,164108-40
The Times2,3422,2682,82674-484
Morning Market298,843292,977311,1395,866-12,296
Daily Star – Sunday45,53723,64353,30321,894-7,766
News of the World113,111127,262
Sunday Mail2,0071,6052,047402-40
Sunday Mirror66,98042,42938,88324,55128,097
The People26,62019,40120,3617,2196,259
Sunday Express4,7324,2994,547433185
Sunday Post81374982964-16
The Mail on Sunday132,419116,894103,39715,52529,022
Independent on Sunday1,8881,4511,589437299
The Observer8,1577,1668,06299195
The Sunday Telegraph3,3152,8642,596451719
The Sunday Times107,250104,794105,5912,4561,659
Sunday Market399,718438,406468,467-38,688-68,749
Racing Post7,1626,3467,269816-107
Total Market705,723731,383779,606-25,660-73,883


A rare departure here and we focus briefly on the UK. The Sunday market there was actually up 2.5% month on month. The Sunday Mirror was up 66% and the Daily Star on Sunday up a massive 135% (albeit on a lower base). In both jurisdictions it will be interesting as to how much of that sticks.

TitleJun-11Jul-11+/-‘000+/- %
Daily Star Sunday289,582681,445391,863135%
News of the World2,587,262
Sunday Mail343,885394,41250,52715%
Sunday Mirror1,041,7621,728,955687,19366%
The People449,952779,632329,68073%
Sunday Express504,303610,445106,14221%
Sunday Post302,095321,42419,3296%
The Mail on Sunday1,808,8352,128,986320,15118%
Independent on Sunday123,621139,65116,03013%
The Observer271,018288,84217,8247%
Scotland on Sunday51,04948,793-2,256-4%
Sunday Herald29,23332,5083,27511%
The Sunday Telegraph456,369483,76027,3916%
The Sunday Times948,361933,013-15,348-2%