Irish Newspaper Circulations January 2010

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The first month of the year yields little in the way of surprises, but does allow us a little in the way of reflection.

The figure that stands out is that the market is back 66,000 copies. That is, naturally the papers that publish monthly figures. We have to wait yet another week for the ‘on the pulse’ publications who will give us an average six month figure for July December 2009, nearly 50 days after the year end.

In the morning market the big drop was seen in The Sun losing 13,000 copies year on year with the major declines occurring in the last quarter helped nicely by the ‘vagaries of the Glass Palace’ a.k.a Dunnes Stores – but we’ve explored that before.  Irish Daily Mail and Mirror slipped back too.  Also excused from the commentary is the particularly laughable figure of the Daily Record and their sister publication the Sunday Mail. Other papers have large percentage declines – but coming form a low base anyway.       

The News of the World also suffered  dropping close to 7,000. The Mail on Sunday the biggest faller at over 10,600. In all that doom and gloom, you’d have to tip the hat at The Daily Star. In a market that’s back 8% they morning paper turned in a very respectable 95,000 down only a few copies year on year.

Title     Jan-09    Jan-10    Diff    Diff %
Daily Mirror63,09759,378-3,719-6%
Daily Record2,876872-2,004-70%
Irish Daily Star95,47194,957-514-1%
The Sun97,59184,549-13,042-13%
Daily Express3,1693,077-92-3%
Irish Daily Mail56,99852,843-4,155-7%
The Daily Telegraph3,2412,896-345-11%
Financial Times4,5033,487-1,016-23%
The Guardian4,8593,983-876-18%
The Independent2,2721,195-1,077-47%
The Times3,0602,478-582-19%
Morning Market337,137309,715-27,422-8%

Daily Star – Sunday59,19656,570-2,626-4%
News of the World133,026126,482-6,544-5%
Sunday Mail8,8982,633-6,265-70%
Sunday Mirror39,19436,974-2,220-6%
The People25,43421,798-3,636-14%
Sunday Express4,5803,928-652-14%
Sunday Post880795-85-10%
The Mail on Sunday122,693112,011-10,682-9%
Independent on Sunday1,8581,535-373-17%
The Observer10,8308,847-1,983-18%
The Sunday Telegraph2,7972,511-286-10%
The Sunday Times117,318115,118-2,200-2%
Racing Post7,3905,990-1,400-19%
Sunday  Market534,094495,515-38,579-7%

Total Market871,231805,230-66,001-8%