Irish Newspaper Circulations February 2014

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The lift the papers got in January is well gone now and some of the publications dripped significantly. The Mirror dropped 2,900 copies (-5% on the month) leaving it at just over 51,000. The Irish Daily Star now at 61,000 whilst The Sun is down to 60,000 – down 7% on the year, The Star down 9%. The Morning are down 18,000 year on year and 8,000 on the month.   

In the Sundays, the News of the World went against the trend and added over 1,000 month on month. The decision to continue trying to flog the People in the Republic looks an erroneous one at this stage with sales down to 14,000.

The Sundays stayed the same as last month but are 28,000 down in twelve months.

TitleFeb-14Feb-13Jan-14Y/YM/M% Ch Y/Y
Daily Mirror 51,09355,61454,010-4,521-2,917-8%
Daily Record415491416-76-1-15%
Irish Daily Star61,12167,05162,270-5,930-1,149-9%
The Sun60,19964,96462,477-4,765-2,278-7%
Daily Express2,7382,7662,813-28-75-1%
Irish Daily Mail50,00951,40951,304-1,400-1,295-3%
The Daily Telegraph2,6362,8182,870-182-234-6%
Financial Times2,5112,8492,559-338-48-12%
The Guardian2,7732,9963,018-223-245-7%
i 776    
The Independent  0   
The Times2,0922,0732,08119111%
Morning Market235,587253,807243,818-18,220-8,231-7%
Daily Star – Sunday20,21023,02521,483-2,815-1,273-12%
The Sun/NotW55,67558,23454,740-2,559935-4%
Sunday Mail8751,048889-173-14-17%
Sunday Mirror35,35340,00337,301-4,650-1,948-12%
The People14,40316,59114,899-2,188-496-13%
Sunday Express3,6173,3703,2682473497%
Sunday Post549607549-580-10%
The Mail on Sunday100,086107,492100,128-7,406-42-7%
Independent on Sunday000   
The Observer5,4785,7835,341-305137-5%
The Sunday Telegraph2,5702,6662,589-96-19-4%
The Sunday Times94,372102,46493,993-8,092379-8%
Sunday  Market333,188361,283335,180-28,095-1,992-8%
Racing Post      
Total Market568,775615,090578,998-46,315-10,223-8%