Irish Newspaper Circulations August 2010

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The Irish Daily Star took a bit of a bath last month, a period that should have brought some cheer to Terenure with the premier league and the tail end of the GAA. They dropped over 3,000 copies month on month. The Sunday Title, on the other hand, added 4,000 copies to address the balance in the daily market. 

The Daily Mirror had another good month and if one looks at their performance over the year they are up nearly 3,000 since January. And so is the Sunday edition. The News of the World cant be happy with another drop considering the money they have lavished on the market this year. September might have better news as they were at the forefront of all the tabloid breaking news (cricket, Rooney etc).

The Sunday market is up nearly 5,000 month on month (but down 40,000 year on year). The mornings are still gloomy down 2,000 month on month and 20,000 year on year.  

Title    Jul-10     Aug-10+/- M o M     Aug-09+/- Y o Y
Daily Mirror60,81362,0911,27864,948-2,857
Daily Record835913781,736-823
Irish Daily Star95,61992,240-3,37999,317-7,077
The Sun87,46987,312-15795,457-8,145
Daily Express3,1943,243493,700-457
Irish Daily Mail48,93449,0077348,662345
The Daily Telegraph3,0683,158903,14612
Financial Times3,5093,316-1933,542-226
The Guardian3,7083,803954,321-518
The Independent1,1641,124-401,382-258
The Times2,8262,810-163,081-271
Morning Market311,139309,017-2,122329,292-20,275
Daily Star – Sunday53,30357,4494,14658,108-659
News of the World127,262125,565-1,697138,948-13,383
Sunday Mail2,0471,898-1494,715-2,817
Sunday Mirror38,88340,1841,30143,052-2,868
The People20,36120,60824723,317-2,709
Sunday Express4,5474,332-2154,932-600
Sunday Post829809-20920-111
The Mail on Sunday103,397104,8221,425107,304-2,482
Independent on Sunday1,5891,584-51,914-330
The Observer8,0627,858-2049,087-1,229
The Sunday Telegraph2,5962,635392,704-69
The Sunday Times105,591105,462-129118,072-12,610
Sunday  Market468,467473,2064,739513,073-39,867
Racing Post7,2696,541-7287,485-944
Total Market779,606782,2232,617842,365-60,142