Irish Newspaper Circulation September 2010

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September, brings a form of normality, if you’re a Circulation Manager anyway. That particular creature likes school, school runs and no summer holidays. Circulation people look with distain at tomes analysing the Chaos Theory. They just want calm and trends and straight line regression analysis.

Month on month September does answer some of their prayers.

The month on month lift in the Morning market was mainly carried by the Daily Mail. They were also the only paper to register a positive year on year (we don’t bother with analysing or speaking of the Daily Records numbers ever since they suddenly “lost” 80% of their circulation one night last year and had no explanation for it). Looking at the year on year, again, the tabloids are the big fallers and the market overall is back over 15,000.

The Sunday market, whilst up month on month, takes a pounding year on year down 31,000.  Again the Mail on Sunday is the only publication to register a positive year on year. The Sunday Times, News of the World and Star on Sunday all loosing roughly 10,000 a piece.

In terms of revamps it was an interesting month. The Sun introduced Buzz magazine on Saturdays – so maybe next month will show some movement in their figures. The Sunday Tribune went tabloid compact. To analyse their efforts we’ll have to wait until next year – until February of 2011 – to see their figures. Such a fast paced and dynamic environment some of the press work in.

I nearly forgot! I’m a big fan of the Racing Post, not from a punters perspective I hasten to add, but in their efforts to constantly innovate. Earlier this year they introduced an Irish Edition – specifically to cover uniquely Irish Sport – Domestic Soccer, Gaelic Football and Hurling and the “Dags” (Greyhound Racing). This month they really had a brain wave.

Later this month the introduce a Belgium Edition. Each night they will translate their paper into French, spit the PDF to all the Ladbrokes shops in Belgium who will in turn print copies on a specialised Oki printer which will assemble the pages like a normal paper. Now I don’t know enough about Belgium and their thirst for that type of information – but I suppose if Ladbrokes have shops there there has to be a market.

Title     Aug-10     Sep-10+/-M on M      Sep-09+/-Y on Y
Daily Mirror62,09162,83574464,786-1,951
Daily Record913767-146501266
Irish Daily Star92,24092,79855899,621-6,823
The Sun87,31286,914-39892,905-5,991
Daily Express3,2433,067-1763,499-432
Irish Daily Mail49,00750,6791,67250,212467
The Daily Telegraph3,1583,081-773,0774
Financial Times3,3163,7284123,840-112
The Guardian3,8033,734-694,256-522
The Independent1,1241,002-1221,273-271
The Times2,8102,592-2182,762-170
Morning Market309,017311,1972,180326,732-15,535
Daily Star – Sunday57,44951,602-5,84762,465-10,863
News of the World125,565126,375810136,847-10,472
Sunday Mail1,8981,840-58920920
Sunday Mirror40,18438,646-1,53840,917-2,271
The People20,60820,345-26322,249-1,904
Sunday Express4,3324,078-2544,695-617
Sunday Post809790-19860-70
The Mail on Sunday104,822111,8497,027105,7846,065
Independent on Sunday1,5841,360-2241,802-442
The Observer7,8587,851-79,849-1,998
The Sunday Telegraph2,6352,587-482,692-105
The Sunday Times105,462107,6512,189117,587-9,936
Sunday  Market473,206474,9741,768506,667-31,693
Racing Post6,5416,496-457,506-1,010
Total Market782,223786,1713,948833,399-47,228

Still isn’t pretty!