Irish Newspaper Circulation October 2011 ABC’s

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The Mirror group of papers seem to be the fallers this month. The Daily is down almost 4,000 on the month – which was a fairly sizeable drop for the paper. On the other hand, The Sun gained nearly 1,500 copies month on month. If it were not for the tabloids, the morning market would be very tedious!

The Sunday market is down 98,000 copies year on year, telling us that nearly all of the previous buyers of the NoW have deserted the Sundays – bar perhaps 20,000. The Sundays did not, relative to the mornings, have a bad month only loosing 3000 copies.

Speculation seems to be growing about the ‘Sun on Sunday’. The Guardian reported that there was a dummy in existence for the paper, sales staff were preparing presentations and that the Suns Staff in the UK were a little bloated as many of the NoW staff were ‘seconded’ to the Sun as opposed to leaving the building all together.

New year launch?

Daily Mirror 56,73960,56261,412-3,823-4,673
Daily Record545650749-105-204
Irish Daily Star80,17982,91989,386-2,740-9,207
The Sun77,30175,89982,8941,402-5,593
Daily Express3,0563,1962,804-140252
Irish Daily Mail48,89649,72549,011-829-115
The Daily Telegraph2,9053,0072,826-10279
Financial Times3,6883,7233,818-35-130
The Guardian3,6113,6873,774-76-163
The Independent933979947-46-14
The Times2,1712,2692,448-98-277
Morning Market280,528287,175300,069-6,647-19,541
Daily Star – Sunday39,12240,08051,843-958-12,721
News of the World121,882  
Sunday Mail1,4881,802-1,488-1,802
Sunday Mirror64,76167,57539,890-2,81424,871
The People29,58627,74719,5381,83910,048
Sunday Express4,5374,6823,878-145659
Sunday Post7557557600-5
The Mail on Sunday110,387112,150109,075-1,7631,312
Independent on Sunday1,4371,5371,405-10032
The Observer7,2817,1837,58898-307
The Sunday Telegraph2,8032,9932,665-190138
The Sunday Times111,618109,198110,1032,4201,515
Sunday  Market372,287375,388470,429-3,101-98,142
Racing Post5,6625,9006,450-238-788
Total Market652,815662,563770,498-9,748-117,683