Irish Newspaper Circulation October 2009

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Another month and guess what ….

Daily Mail fell over the fifty mark, but the sibling had a monster month adding 20,000 to their circulation figure – which is impressive, to say the least. They gave a way some big CD’s during October namely Robbie Williams and Pavarotti and they also signed up Rachel Allen backed with her own 24 page glossy culinary guide – all combined to make a recipe for success in October.

Only for that, the Sunday market would have been a disaster. Taking out the MoS the market would have been down 14,000. The Sunday Mirror dipped into the 30’s and the Sunday People are still fighting hard to break through the 20 mark. The Daily Star on Sunday lost any gains from the previous month.

In the morning market, the tabloids were down – not even a few world cup matches could boost their numbers.  

Continuing on from our last lesson – “How to loose 80% of your circulation in a month  – 101” – well it looks like the Sunday Mail “found” a few copies it lost in September, 1,387 to be exact. They may have found them under the stairs or under the drivers seat in the van, regardless, we are all thankful that we can continue to watch ‘see-saw circulation’. 

Its morning partner wasn’t so lucky. The Record is still missing the 1,500 it had in September – they checked the stairs and under the drivers and passenger seat – to no avail. It’s a mystery worthy of the good Mr. Holmes himself.

Daily Mirror64,78662,876-1910
Daily Record501833332
Irish Daily Star99,62197,113-2508
The Sun92,90590,274-2631
Daily Express3,4993,113-386
Irish Daily Mail50,21248,177-2035
The Daily Telegraph3,0772,971-106
Financial Times3,8403,812-28
The Guardian4,2564,097-159
The Independent1,2731,142-131
The Times2,7622,629-133
Morning Market326,732317,037-9695
Daily Star – Sunday62,46554,574-7891
News of the World136,847134,782-2065
Sunday Mail9202,3071387
Sunday Mirror40,91738,481-2436
The People22,24921,349-900
Sunday Express4,6954,434-261
Sunday Post860829-31
The Mail on Sunday105,784126,22120437
Independent on Sunday1,8021,512-290
The Observer9,8499,189-660
The Sunday Telegraph2,6922,520-172
The Sunday Times117,587116,923-664
Racing Post7,5066,686-820
Sunday  Market514,173519,8075634
Total Market840,905836,844-4061