Irish Newspaper Circulation May 2018

The May ABC indicates that it wasn’t the best month for the tabloids with an accumulated drop of nearly 5,000 copies – the Daily Star taking the brunt of that fall dropping 2,200 over the month. The Sun fell by 1,700 and the Mirror lost a paltry 900 copies in relative terms.

The Irish Daily Mail lost 2,000 month on month (or 6%) however its sister paper, the Mail on Sunday, added 700 copies over the month and sans bulks it should be noted.

Market down 1% on the month and 9% year on year. June figures are out next month giving us the Jan-June figures for the titles below. As it stands this month the average fall is tracking at -7%. Expect no surprises!

TitleMay-18Apr-18May-17M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror29,48330,45034,792-967-5,309-3%-15%
Daily Record265267296-2-31-1%-10%
Irish Daily Star44,97147,23851,639-2,267-6,668-5%-13%
The Sun55,86657,62756,806-1,761-940-3%-2%
Daily Express2,3302,3162,54414-2141%-8%
Irish Daily Mail30,72532,71441,065-1,989-10,340-6%-25%
The Daily Telegraph1,7441,9892,194-245-450-12%-21%
Financial Times2,2052,2242,328-19-123-1%-5%
The Guardian1,9211,9652,262-44-341-2%-15%
The Times6,8687,0182,579-1504,289-2%166%
Morning Market176,378183,808196,505-7,430-20,127-4%-10%
Daily Star – Sunday14,05514,16315,767-108-1,712-1%-11%
The Sun on Sunday53,31553,25452,347619680%2%
Sunday Mail70668278124-754%-10%
Sunday Mirror20,79820,46422,445334-1,6472%-7%
The People7,9717,6228,300349-3295%-4%
Sunday Express3,0282,5203,146508-11820%-4%
Sunday Post377385701-8-324-2%-46%
The Mail on Sunday64,12763,44978,118678-13,9911%-18%
The Observer4,2034,1214,40682-2032%-5%
The Sunday Telegraph1,7441,5881,7111563310%2%
The Sunday Times74,63974,14979,743490-5,1041%-6%
Sunday Market244,963242,397267,4652,566-22,5021%-8%
Total Market421,341426,205463,970-4,864-42,629-1%-9%