Irish Newspaper Circulation May 2010

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Perhaps, for certain publications, we may have been a tad hasty in the comments for April’s figures. Or indeed it may just show the fickle nature of the newspaper buying public.

The morning market was up marginally mainly due to the tabloids. The end of the Premiership, start of the GAA and the playoffs for the Heineken Cup all contributing to the copy sales. But they are no where near their levels from 2009 with the market down nearly 28,000.

The Sunday market: many of the copies found by the News of the World last month drifted away this month – the paper loosing nearly 6,000 copies in the month after gaining 9,400 the previous month. The Sunday Daily Star had a good month putting on 7,800 papers and the Sunday Mirror gaining 3,000 copies. The Mail on Sunday lost 5,000 in the month.

All of the above gains (with perhaps the exception of the NoW) were in the main down to newspapers promotions. One would have to question the benefit of putting a large amount of work into getting a CD on cover, getting say, 5,000 copies and then for it all to evaporate the following month.   

Papers engaging in this sporadic promotional activity have massive swings in their circulation. The difference between high and low of the NoW since January is nearly 14,000 copies, Mail on Sunday 6,600 and Sunday Daily Star 7,800. It only goes to demonstrate how buyers/readers can ebb and flow out of the Newspaper Market.    

TitleApr-10May-10May-09M on MY on Y
Daily Mirror60,15561,41966,4821,264-6,327
Daily Record7807862,2976-1,517
Irish Daily Star93,35094,946100,5381,596-7,188
The Sun86,17986,59795,609418-9,430
Daily Express2,8952,9343,31139-416
Irish Daily Mail49,53749,65450,061117-524
The Daily Telegraph2,8782,9633,26685-388
Financial Times3,5884,0673,998479-410
The Guardian3,7573,8104,41253-655
The Independent1,1391,1711,81532-676
The Times2,6212,6012,852-20-231
Morning Market306,879310,948334,6414,069-27,762
Daily Star – Sunday50,61158,46456,2557,853-5,644
News of the World140,329134,716128,005-5,61312,324
Sunday Mail1,5611,8096,622248-5,061
Sunday Mirror35,50338,69339,4073,190-3,904
The People20,57619,94623,842-630-3,266
Sunday Express4,0703,7864,823-284-753
Sunday Post7857908755-90
The Mail on Sunday114,727109,405112,416-5,3222,311
Independent on Sunday1,8581,5251,559-333299
The Observer8,0067,7669,756-240-1,750
The Sunday Telegraph2,4712,3752,847-96-376
The Sunday Times111,128113,764117,2932,636-6,165
Sunday  Market491,625493,039503,7001,414-12,075
Racing Post7,5346,4188,352-1,116-818
Total Market798,504803,987838,3415,483-39,837