Irish Newspaper Circulation March 2012

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Well, the party (or wake) is truly over. The gains some of the titles made when the NotW closed last July were well and truly wiped out this month with a full month figure for The Sun (on Sunday).

The Sun (on Sunday) fell back to 81,000 from its maiden figure of 109,000, which was to be expected. But the buyers have to come from somewhere and they were kindly donated by Sunday Mirror, The Daily Star on Sunday and The People – the very papers that made gains at the NotW closure – to be biblical about it – Job 1:21!

The Sunday Mirror is, this month, below its figure pre NotW closure, having lost 14,598 copies month on month. The Sunday People is now at a record low of 17,613 and the Daily Star on Sunday is still a few thousand copies off its June 2011 figure but down 8,000 month on month.  

Outside the Sunday tabloids – the status quo was more or less maintained. The Sunday market is down nearly 53,000 month on month which implies that more people have left the Sunday market even with the introduction of The Sun (on Sunday) as illustrated by the graph below. The market is still 54,000 below where it was pre closure.     

Sunday Mar_2012

The Sun (on Sunday) is still 32,000 behind where the NotW was this time last year. They are not the same product and so it’s difficult to draw a straight comparison, but it’s just illustrating the gap.

In the mornings the Tabloids have a decent March – most likely due to GAA, Rugby and most defiantly Cheltenham. The Racing Post also gained 1,600 month on month but was marginally behind last year’s figure.  

The Daily Mail gained 2,462 month on month but looking at the certificates you couldn’t help but notice that they had increased their ‘bulks’ this month (1,300 in Feb as opposed to 4,200 in March). There’s probably a promotional reason for the increase and we’ll cast an eye on in next month to see what’s happening there.

The morning market is up 4,700 month on month but down nearly 20,000 year on year.   

Daily Mirror 57,29058,11461,071-824-3,781
Daily Record616632699-16-83
Irish Daily Star78,81876,51489,0342,304-10,216
The Sun72,78371,57679,7701,207-6,987
Daily Express2,8122,8252,807-135
Irish Daily Mail51,96449,50249,1322,4622,832
The Daily Telegraph2,7572,8152,809-58-52
Financial Times3,1213,3693,625-248-504
The Guardian3,2293,2773,638-48-409
The Independent84981393236-83
The Times2,0712,0852,243-14-172
Morning Market276,825272,037296,4394,788-19,614
Daily Star – Sunday26,43734,38628,307-7,949-1,870
The Sun/NotW81,165109,450112,914-28,285-31,749
Sunday Mail1,2061,3601,545-154-339
Sunday Mirror42,41457,01239,716-14,5982,698
The People17,61324,80318,031-7,190-418
Sunday Express3,4343,6433,869-209-435
Sunday Post694724761-30-67
The Mail on Sunday110,082109,042111,6901,040-1,608
Independent on Sunday1,3051,3311,340-26-35
The Observer6,3856,5517,340-166-955
The Sunday Telegraph2,6422,8792,638-2374
The Sunday Times107,025108,599114,225-1,574-7,200
Sunday  Market400,402459,780414,069-59,378-13,667
Racing Post7,0495,3747,4201,675-371
Total Market684,276737,191717,928-52,915-33,652