Irish Newspaper Circulation March 2011

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No pretty formatting today as were are stranded with a laptop running the equivalent to Windows 3.1! But we’ll address that later. In the interest of speed and haste we have basic formatting but plenty of data.

First things first. Congratulations to the Daily Star for putting on a few copies! That’s not a facetious remark. If you plan for an event like Cheltenham and it pays off – then you should be thrown a few bouquets. The other two tabloids in the morning managed to at least keep pace with the previous month. But year on year it looks still fairly grim. On to the Sundays where there are some very interesting figures and the primary on is the News of the World.

Is it the news of the month? You can’t jettison 5,000 copies a month or 18,000 in a year on year basis without having the where with all to at least sit down see what you’re doing wrong/right. Should you finally consider ‘taking a leap of faith’.

Does the Irish Newspaper buying populous at large actually care about Jordan. That’s the female as opposed to the Arab state, the later of which we have more interest in, I suspect. It’s been a savage few months for the NoW and perhaps its time to draw that line in the sand a say ‘it’s broken, lets fix it’

TitleMar-11Feb-11Mar-10M o MY o Y
Daily Mirror61,07162,10360,072-1,032999
Daily Record699723756-24-57
Irish Daily Star89,03488,03694,200998-5,166
The Sun79,77079,83186,598-61-6,828
Daily Express2,8072,7622,92645-119
Irish Daily Mail49,13253,08949,271-3,957-139
The Daily Telegraph2,8092,7652,67044139
Financial Times3,6253,6873,565-6260
The Guardian3,6383,6163,72722-89
The Independent9329101,08122-149
The Times2,2432,1802,54963-306
Morning Market296,439300,169307,415-3,730-10,976
Daily Star – Sunday28,30731,31852,493-301124186
News of the World112,914118,060130,919-5,146-18,005
Sunday Mail1,5451,5871,856-42-311
Sunday Mirror39,71640,78636,448-1,0703,268
The People18,03118,43620,142-405-2,111
Sunday Express3,8693,5073,904362-35
Sunday Post761764814-3-53
The Mail on Sunday111,690116,133111,500-4,443190
Independent on Sunday1,3401,3201,55120-211
The Observer7,3407,2238,193117-853
The Sunday Telegraph2,6382,5912,42247216
The Sunday Times114,225113,992111,7712332,454
Sunday Market414,069455,717482,013-41,648-67,944
Racing Post7,4205,7868,7541,634-1,334
Total Market717,928761,672789,428-43,744-71,500

Post Script: I was remiss in my duties earlier this month.

I neglected to look at the Daily Star Sunday figures as the “Irish” edition had closed in February. However, a decision was made to badge the UK edition with the Tri-Colour and make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. And it’s works.

This new apparition managed a sale of 28,000 a drop of a mere 3,000 copies in March.

Perhaps those sales are tailing as the weeks in March progressed and the buyers begin to notice an absence of Irish News, or perhaps not!