Irish Newspaper Circulation June 2014

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This month sees The Sun and The Daily Star dip below the sixty marks and the Mirror roots itself solidly into the forties. I’ve never made any bones about it – but I’m a huge fan of tabloids, but by no means a tabloid apologist when they over step the mark – as they have on numerous occasions.

The dip this month is particularly worrying for that group of papers. I appreciate dropping below sixty is purely psychological, but it has the ability to affect people within a struggling news brand. Selling a publication with a circulation of (say) 61,000 is marginally easier than selling one with a circulation of 59,000! The three tabloids are down 14,000 on the year an there seems to be no letup in the pace of their decline. Furthermore, I’d suggest that there no real fall-back for them – the tabloid reader doesn’t do digital as seen in the numerous NRS surveys in the UK.     

The Sunday tabloids were not bullet proof either. The Daily Star Sunday is now at 19,000, the Sunday Mirror falls to 34,700 and The People is now at 13,000. The Sunday Times struggled again this month with a decline of 3,500 on the month dropping them to 86,000, a 4% decline on the month.

Fairly bleak reading and best captured in the tables and graphs below.   

TitleJun-14Jun-13May-14Y/YM/M% Ch Y/Y
Daily Mirror 47,70453,36449,465-5,660-1,761-10.6%
Daily Record417480418-63-1-13.1%
Irish Daily Star59,75364,48561,231-4,732-1,478-7.3%
The Sun59,20063,74361,149-4,543-1,949-7.1%
Daily Express2,8262,9202,764-9462-3.2%
Irish Daily Mail51,71451,52050,2311941,4830.4%
The Daily Telegraph2,7612,8832,708-12253-4.2%
Financial Times2,3332,5862,457-253-124-9.8%
The Guardian2,7173,0332,752-316-35-10.4%
The Independent      
The Times2,2592,1432,25711625.4%
Morning Market231,684248,034235,432-15,473-3,748-6.2%
Daily Star – Sunday19,84722,62419,709-2,777138-12.3%
The Sun/NotW54,82257,38556,379-2,563-1,557-4.5%
Sunday Mail869974856-10513-10.8%
Sunday Mirror34,76339,09335,394-4,330-631-11.1%
The People13,31315,97112,918-2,658395-16.6%
Sunday Express3,5273,5913,332-64195-1.8%
Sunday Post517591531-74-14-12.5%
The Mail on Sunday100,040102,236100,052-2,196-12-2.1%
Independent on Sunday      
The Observer5,1405,6785,307-538-167-9.5%
The Sunday Telegraph2,5342,8072,489-27345-9.7%
The Sunday Times86,59092,81790,146-6,227-3,556-6.7%
Sunday  Market321,962343,767333,535-21,805-5,151-6.3%
Racing Post      
Total Market553,646591,801506,272-37,278-8,899-6.3%