Irish Newspaper Circulation June 2010

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June Figures: normally a strange time for the media with schools drawing to a close, the leaving cert commencing and the annual holiday migration.

The “hand of god” having dealt us a blow earlier in the year means that the World Cup would not drag up the circulations of any of the papers.

Big fallers month on month were the Daily Star, Sunday Star, News of the World and the Sunday Times. It’s likely that respective newspaper proprietors are praying that this is just the ‘summer slump’ – but the same May to June difference was not as severe last year (bar for the Sunday Times strangely enough). Actually, it’s the second biggest month on month decrease in 18 months – only surpassed by Nov/Dec last year – which is to be expected.  So, perhaps a little more worrying than a ‘blip’.

We’ll see the full effect of the market next month the the moons in Jupiter align and the ‘indigenous papers’ deem it appropriate to furnish the world with their circulation figures. In August we will be able to see, for example, what the Irish Times was selling in January for the first time. Coupled with this are the Regional papers and the Magazines – all should make for interesting reading.     

Quietly working away in the background are the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror who have put on 2,800 and 2,100 respectively since the beginning of the year, most likely at the expense of The Star(s). Actually they are the only papers putting on copies this year so they must be doing something right.

Year on Year is a bit of a blood bath, the market down 60,000 copies in the 12 months. The tabloids taking the brunt of that fall as the Sunday Mail and Times have not has a good year of it circulation wise.   

Last month the Sunday People finally dipped through the 20’s and is continuing it chosen trajectory. At what point (if it’s not already passed) would the paper consider pulling the plug in this jurisdiction one can only speculate. It contributes 3.8% of the overall circulation of the Sunday People. It would strike you as being a particularly expensive 4%.        

The News of the World pulled back on their marketing spend over the month and it certainly had an affect on the sales.   

Title     May ’10     Jun ’10     Jun ’09         M-M         Y-Y
Daily Mirror61,41962,19063,639771-1,449
Daily Record7867692,229-17-1,460
Irish Daily Star94,94689,214100,367-5,732-11,153
The Sun86,59785,60095,153-997-9,553
Daily Express2,9343,0043,46070-456
Irish Daily Mail49,65448,54848,144-1,106404
The Daily Telegraph2,9633,0503,27687-226
Financial Times4,0673,4263,708-641-282
The Guardian3,8103,7664,222-44-456
The Independent1,1711,1811,57210-391
The Times2,6012,6222,93421-312
Morning Market310,948303,370328,704-7,578-25,334
Daily Star – Sunday58,46452,59356,157-5,871-3,564
News of the World134,716126,092136,400-8,624-10,308
Sunday Mail1,8091,7636,718-46-4,955
Sunday Mirror38,69339,14039,630447-490
The People19,94618,98122,874-965-3,893
Sunday Express3,7863,9894,700203-711
Sunday Post790784861-6-77
The Mail on Sunday109,405113,638117,4184,233-3,780
Independent on Sunday1,5251,5391,57214-33
The Observer7,7667,5919,417-175-1,826
The Sunday Telegraph2,3752,5112,726136-215
The Sunday Times113,764105,608110,631-8,156-5,023
Sunday  Market493,039474,229509,104-18,810-34,875
Racing Post6,4186,5817,850163-1,269
Total Market803,987777,599837,808-26,388-60,209