Irish Newspaper Circulation January 2014

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January, thankfully, showed a change in the outlooks of the tabloids, most notably the Daily Mirror bouncing back some 7,000 copies on its December figure and the Sun followed suit gaining nearly 3,000. Still the year on year figure is bleak down between 5% and 9% – the latter percent being the Irish Daily Star.

All the papers got a lift for the New Year bar the Observer – which it should be noted is one of the most expensive papers in the Irish Market weighing in at €3.00 – the same as the FT. 

The Sunday Mirror is down 11% on the year, The People -12% and Sunday Times -7%. The Sunday Market is down 7% on the year and the morning market down 6%.

TitleJan-14Jan-13Dec-13Y/YM/M% Ch Y/Y
Daily Mirror 54,01056,84247,376-2,8326,634-5%
Daily Record416459420-43-4-9%
Irish Daily Star62,27068,21360,327-5,9431,943-9%
The Sun62,47766,82359,606-4,3462,871-7%
Daily Express2,8132,7062,736107774%
Irish Daily Mail51,30451,27250,901324030%
The Daily Telegraph2,8702,9072,783-3787-1%
Financial Times2,5592,8102,529-25130-9%
The Guardian3,0183,2133,017-1951-6%
The Independent
The Times2,0812,0702,09711-161%
Morning Market243,818258,071231,792-14,25312,026-6%
Daily Star – Sunday21,48322,35120,207-8681,276-4%
The Sun/NotW54,74058,74953,163-4,0091,577-7%
Sunday Mail889979903-90-14-9%
Sunday Mirror37,30141,91035,082-4,6092,219-11%
The People14,89916,98014,044-2,081855-12%
Sunday Express3,3752,5503,26882510732%
Sunday Post554621549-675-11%
The Mail on Sunday100,030105,827100,128-5,797-98-5%
Independent on Sunday – 
The Observer5,3415,8815,574-540-233-9%
The Sunday Telegraph2,5892,6972,444-108145-4%
The Sunday Times93,993101,60092,233-7,6071,760-7%
Sunday  Market335,194360,145327,595-24,9517,599-7%
Racing Post
Total Market579,012618,216559,387-39,20419,625-6%