Irish Newspaper Circulation April 2010

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A marginal decrease in the mornings this month. Taking into account the ‘disruption’ in the buying cycle for Easter and School holidays – its not a bad result. 

However the year on year picture is very bleak. The tabloids account for 24,000 of the 29,000 drop in the market year on year. Just how much more blood letting can that tabloids take is anyone’s guess.   

The Sunday market is beginning to get a little interesting. In last months figures, it looked as if the much publicised defection of Paul Williams to the News of the World didn’t materialise into sales with the paper only adding 998 copies in Pauls first month at his new desk.  

But the continuing heavy advertising campaign and, it has the be said, the input that Paul has made into the paper story wise, would seem to have paid off with the paper gaining  9,400 month on month – pretty respectable in these ‘straitened times’.

The only obvious looser in the figures below would seem to be the Sunday Daily Star who dropped 1,800 month on month. However the picture is incomplete. As the ‘established’ Irish Papers don’t produce monthly circulation figures, we don’t know how the Sunday World has faired in the past two months.

One would suggest that the Sunday Market has not expanded of late and therefore the copies that were picked up by the News of the World have to be coming from another paper. But in this fast paced environment we will have to wait until August (when the Sunday Worlds figures are published) to get an answer to that question.

There was really no point in commenting on the Racing Post figure last month. Their March figure would, historically be their strongest on the back of the Cheltenham Festival. In February they brought out an Irish Edition and expanded their coverage to include specifically Irish sports such as GAA  and the League of Ireland. On the back of the April figures, it looks as if the gamble paid off.    

Overall the whole market is up 9,000 month on month but back 7.7% year on year. The publications that innovated and took some brave steps made the gains in this months figures.

Title   Mar-10   Apr-10   Apr-09   M on M   Y on Y
Daily Mirror60,07260,15565,12683-5,054
Daily Record7567802,62524-1,869
Irish Daily Star94,20093,350102,002-850-7,802
The Sun86,59886,17996,198-419-9,600
Daily Express2,9262,8953,329-31-403
Irish Daily Mail49,27149,53750,746266-1,475
The Daily Telegraph2,6702,8783,175208-505
Financial Times3,5653,5884,16923-604
The Guardian3,7273,7574,66630-939
The Independent1,0811,1391,84858-767
The Times2,5492,6213,00672-457
Morning Market307,415306,879336,890-536-29,475
Daily Star – Sunday52,49350,61164,057-1,882-11,564
News of the World130,919140,329134,3099,410-3,390
Sunday Mail1,8561,5616,831-295-4,975
Sunday Mirror36,44835,50340,811-945-4,363
The People20,14220,57625,826434-5,684
Sunday Express3,9044,0704,844166-940
Sunday Post814785903-29-89
The Mail on Sunday111,500114,727111,9363,227-436
Independent on Sunday1,5511,8582,405307-854
The Observer8,1938,0069,569-187-1,376
The Sunday Telegraph2,4222,4712,56049-138
The Sunday Times111,771111,128118,375-643-6,604
Sunday  Market482,013491,625522,4269,612-40,413
Racing Post8,7547,5348,379-1,220375
Total Market789,428798,504859,3169,076-69,888