Irish Newspaper Circulation April 2009

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Well, looks like the “R” is claiming victims – The Red Tops. Month on month can be explained by at least the fact that they got an increase in March from Cheltenham – which has now vanished into thin air. The downturn certainly is doing the “Reds” no favours.

In tumultuous market conditions, its really incumbent on publishers to be proactive. That means we have to wait until July or August to see how the indigenous titles are doing (not the eight or so days that these papers produce data) circulation wise. But look, what’s the rush.

It’s very much swings and roundabouts some loosing some gaining.The market overall down marginally month on month and year on year not so marginally


Daily Mirror 69,1376529665,126-3,841-170
Daily Record 2,82733022,625475-677
Daily Star104,9939731394,968-7,680-2345
The Sun104,3759938696,198-4,989-3188
Daily Express3,29432473,329-4782
Daily Mail 59,4785147050,746-8,008-724
The Daily Telegraph3,44330813,175-36294
Financial Times 5,07041764,169-894-7
The Guardian5,17644994,666-677167
The Independent2,31718771,848-440-29
The Times3,56128353,006-726171
Daily Star – Sunday 51,8925592558,9204,0332995
News of the World 149,539137768134,309-11,771-3459
Sunday Mail 6,25061446,831-106687
Sunday Mirror 42,5424049740,811-2,045314
The People 28,6032361925,826-4,9842207
Sunday Express5,69146044,844-1,087240
Sunday Post 955884903-7119
The Mail on Sunday 111,018107519111,936-3,4994417
Independent on Sunday 3,18421082,405-1,076297
The Observer 12,693109569,569-1,737-1387
The Sunday Telegraph 2,97628522,560-124-292
The Sunday Times 107,189119575118,37512,386-1200
Racing Post 8,98194528,379471-1073