Irish Newspaper Circulation ABC August 2012

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This month sees some actual month on month increases in newspaper sales. To highlight just how rare that is:  in the last 20 months there have only been six months where a month on month increase in the overall market has been recorded and one of those months was the introduction of the Sun on Sunday.

The tabloids did well this month recording a 4,000 increase on the previous month. August is normally a strong month for the tabloids with the reintroduction of the UK soccer schedule and the business end of the GAA kicking off too. August was also helped by our neighbours hosting the games and some of our party doing very well in the ring.  Overall the morning market was up over 4,000 but nearly 15,000 behind last year.

The Daily Star on Sunday went through the 30 mark and it hasn’t seen that side of that number since it was actually edited and published here. My thoughts one that! The Sunday Mirror also added nearly 2,500 and the Sun on Sunday managed not to lose as much as it did last month, perhaps its levelling out at last.  

The Sunday Times jumped back over the 100 mark and the Sunday market in general did well adding over 3,000 month on month but still down close to 30,000 year on year.    

TitleAug-12Aug-11Jul-12Y o YM o M
Daily Mirror 58,08860,99456,397-2,9061,691
Daily Record710776664-6646
Irish Daily Star73,33076,68972,135-3,3591,195
The Sun72,38878,39371,322-6,0051,066
Daily Express3,0623,1352,902-73160
Irish Daily Mail50,77750,72350,11254665
The Daily Telegraph3,1883,2872,530-99658
Financial Times2,7513,4242,881-673-130
The Guardian3,4764,1753,421-69955
The Independent01,1300-1,1300
The Times2,4592,5202,358-61101
Morning Market271,045285,929265,529-14,8845,516
Daily Star – Sunday31,29542,99628,884-11,7012,411
The Sun/NotW68,177 68,94568,177-768
Sunday Mail1,1981,7521,187-55411
Sunday Mirror41,39676,28839,761-34,8921,635
The People18,13131,72618,395-13,595-264
Sunday Express3,9384,5553,861-61777
Sunday Post701775736-74-35
The Mail on Sunday109,768118,585111,092-8,817-1,324
Independent on Sunday01,5180-1,5180
The Observer6,7517,5476,640-796111
The Sunday Telegraph3,0702,9573,00411366
The Sunday Times101,344110,47299,879-9,1281,465
Sunday  Market385,769399,171382,384-13,4023,385
Racing Post6,1406,6755,243-535897
Total Market662,954691,775653,156-28,8219,798